Affordable Marvellous Mints

I don’t have a huge selection of mint nail polish in my collection but the three I do have I love. Mint is such a pretty shade and I think its good for every season. It always looks fresh and sophisticated.

Mint Polish

Mint Polish

Mint Swatches

Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Sea Breeze £6 – This isn’t the longest wearing polish (prone to chipping) but the colour is pretty. I thought the formula was a little watery & needed 3 coats. This shade leans to the green side. You also get 12ml of product so thats quite a big bottle.

elf Nail Polish in Mint Cream £2.50 – This polish is almost identical to the Avon one, but its slightly brighter. This takes quite a long time to dry but applies evenly and two coats will give you a good colour. One coat is far too sheer and looks streaky. I would say if you have time go for three for that pop of colour. Just be a little more patient than me & wait for each coat to dry.

Canmake Colourful Nails in Peppermint Cream – My friend bought this back from Japan for me & it is a brand I don’t know too much about. The polish itself is really long wearing and the colour its beautiful and dries to a glossy finish. The bottle is sweet & quite small. A brand I will be trying more from.

NYC Quick Dry Polish in Blue Sky £1.79 – I wouldn’t say this was Sky Blue, more of a Sea Green but it is my favourite of the bunch, it’s more of a turquoise mint but it is bright and pretty. I like the brush on these NYC polishes, it is quite long and wide. The polish applies evenly and dries quickly. NYC is such an affordable brand and their nail polish section had quite a few pretty colours. I will be popping back for some more as they’re so affordable and really good quality.

Maybelline Color Show in Green With Envy £2.99 – This is similar to the Canmake polish in colour. The formula of this polish is the better out of the line up, its easy to apply and looks glossy when dry. You will have to be careful not to apply too much polish as it will look streaky and I had to reapply as a few nails developed little bubbles in between coats. So take your time and you will get a much better finish.

Apart from the NYC polish I would describe the other 4 as being creamy pastel mint in colour and the NYC one is a little bolder and brighter.

Although there isn’t much that separate them on colour I like each and everyone one and they all look pretty, Mint is going to be my Spring nail colour.

What are your favourite Mint Polish?