Oskia Super 16 Pro Collagen Serum

Oskia Super 16 pro-collagen Serum

Oskia Super 16 pro-collagen Serum

OSKIA Super 16 Pro-Collagen Serum* £85.00 – 30ml

This is my first ever OSKIA product & I was so excited to try it because my skin was in need of some serious TLC and this product has such an impressive line up of ingredients that I knew it was going to be such a treat. This is marketed as an Anti-Ageing Super Serum & to put it plainly I agree 100%. Anti Ageing is a term that I don’t really like but if we can keep our skin looking healthy and radiant whilst boosting collagen production for as long as possible then I love using products like this serum that enables me to do just that.

I instantly loved this OSKIA Super 16 Pro-Collagen Serum but thats not to say I instantly thought it was worth the price tag, I’m a skincare addict but when I recommend something to you I want to be 100% sure I would purchase it myself and after about 2 months of almost daily use I can hand on heart say this is an incredible serum and although pricey it will be a wonderful addition to your skincare routine and if like me you’re edging closer to 40 it will give your skin exactly what it needs and more!

OSKIA Super 16 Serum

So this serum is a fusion of 16 super nutrients and bio-actives which address multiple ageing concerns. Interestingly this serum contains a new grown breaking ingredient called Bakuchiol – which is derived from Indian Babchi Seeds (historically used to heal cuts). This new ingredient works much like Retinol and is a natural equivalent which some say is more gentle on the skin and suitable for sensitive skin. Bakuchiol is a key ingredient because it stimulates 3 key processes (also normally associated with Retinol use) – healthier, younger looking skin – the reversal of the signs of ageing, prevention of future damage and reduction in the symptoms of problem skin. So it’s quite the super ingredient.

It is a refreshing and cooling serum which feels very gentle and lightweight on the skin despite it having a seriously long list of incredible ingredients. I love that it has a pipet because you will never use too much product or have any waste (being a pricey product thats very important to me). After massaging a few drops my skin instantly feels, plump, hydrated and smooth. The serum doesn’t feel at all greasy or like it sits on top of your skin, it feels like your skin drinks it up because within seconds it leaves your skin velvety soft.

OSKIA Super 16 Serum

Some of the key super nutrients bio actives and their benefits,

  • Bakuchiol, a clinically compared natural alternative to retinol but without the sensitivity, leaves skin firmer, lines reduced, elasticity improved (by boosting and regulating Type 1, III & IV collagen).
  • Opuntia Ficus-Indica Extract (a beautiful organic cactus) rich in highly anti-oxidant Piscidic Acid and Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 & C, blocks the release of stress markers from nerve cells to calm irritated skin while providing soothing & firming benefits.
  • Vitamin A Palmitate improves the appearance of mature & sun damaged skin without irritation.
  • Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and plumps to reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Vitamins C & E deliver high-level anti-oxidant benefits.
  • Crithmum Seaweed Extract helps detoxify & restore tired skin.
  • Punarnava Extract delivers immediate & long term soothing effects to help reduce redness & discomfort.
  • OSKIA’s unique Moisturising Complex (OMC), together with Chondrus Crispus Seaweed Extract & Chicory Root hydrate, soften & refresh.
  • Dimethyl Sulfone (MSM) boosts collagen & soothes.

OSKIA Pro Collegen Super Serum

Over the past 8 – 10 weeks I have noticed my skin looks brighter, plumper and it feels a lot more smooth to the touch. It’s the more long-term benefits which get me most excited and the reason why I think this serum is worth the price tag & the main two are

  • Helping to reduce redness and pigmentation
  • Prevention of future photodamage (protecting against UV damage).

These are my main skin concerns and fingers crossed after a little more use I will see more obvious results This serum is like a bottle of heavyweight super ingredients which have nothing but positive results on your skin. It’s not an overnight WOW but if you use it regularly you will see subtle changes and I’m hoping the longer I use this in my regime I will only continue to see positive results. OSKIA is a British skincare brand committed to using only the best ingredients in their products and seem to have a really positive approach to skincare

‘We believe that the secret to a beautiful complexion lies not only in what you put on your skin, but what you put in your body. OSKIA products are therefore nutritionally-designed to improve the skin’s condition from both the inside and the outside’

OSKIA is a brand I would love to try more from so if you have any recommendations please leave me a comment & if you are looking for a serum that will help your skin to truly look its best and help prevent so many skin concerns then make sure you invest in this Super 16 Pro-Collagen Serum, you will not be disappointed.

OSKIA is sold on Cult Beauty, SPACE NK, Look Fantastic and at oskiaskincare.com

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.

The WIMH Complexion Perfection Kit

When I received an email from What’s In My Handbag last week saying they had a box going on sale for £10 and the contents were worth well over this, I knew I just had to have it. The box was the Complexion Perfection Kit and all the products in the box are sample sized skin care and they’re all products that I’ve never tried before. So I’m excited to try everything.

Skincare Samples

It came very well packaged and with a personalised label – cute touch. So what’s in the box?!


Complextion Perfection Skincare Box

Elemental Herbology Facial Glow Radiance Peel Masque – 30ml – this smells really botanical and luxurious. In my previous post about my sample stash I said I had a moisturiser from this brand to use up so I am excited to use them in conjunction with each other. I like face masks and I go for hydrating ones normally so to get one that’s aimed at getting glowing skin is exciting. This is a mask that you only need to leave on for 4 minutes, that’s great for when you don’t have a lot of time. The full size of this is £39 for 50ml

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant + You get two 2.5ml bottle of this oil in this kit.They say this is oil ‘works to improve skin tone, brightness and elasticity’  The bottles are a really handy size to travel with and have a pipette which I love. I put some on the back of my hand it felt soft and smooth, the oil absorbed quickly into the skin. I am a big fan of facial oils and love my Clarins Lotus Oil so I am excited to see if this helps brighten my completion.  The full-sized bottle is £26.50 for 30ml

What's In My Handbag

Alpha-H Absolute Eye Complex – 7.5ml. I think eye cream is the one product that I am still trying to find my holy grail of. I have tried so many. I need something to combat darkness and also I have quite a dehydrated under eye area so there is that too. This Aplha -H one claims to be a  ‘fantastic eye treatment to combat dark circles, shadows, puffiness and hyperpigmentation under the eyes’ I think this 7.5ml tube is a good size to really see what it can do. I should think it will last me at least a month. Watch this space, I’m expecting great things from this brand! The full size is £34.50 for 15ml.

OSKIA Skincare

OSKIA: Day Cream, Get Up and Glow Booster & Eye Wonder – these 3 sachets each have 3ml of product in them and I am going to take them on the plane with me next week to really test them out. I have never heard of this brand before so I popped onto their website and they seem to be quite a high-end brand and offer a great selection of skin care. They have also won awards for Natural and Organic ingredients which is always nice in skin care. I will have to have more of a read around this brand to see if their products are worth the price tag.

KORRES: Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturising & Brightening Cream SPF6 and Wild Rose Brightening & line Smoothing Serum. These are sachets again and the cream has 1.5ml and the serum 2ml so not a whole lot of product. I have tried KORRES lipbalms and shower gels but never skin care. I have a few samples from a KORRES set I bought from What’s In My Handbag last year to try and I am more exited to try the serum out of these two samples. The Brightening Cream full size is £19 for 40ml & the Serum is £30 for 30ml.

All in all I think for £10 I am getting to try alot of different brands and all are items that I have never tried so for a skin care junkie \ addict that is very exciting. Did you manage to buy this box or have you ordered anything from What’s in My Handbag? I’d love to know.

If you haven’t visited What’s In My Handbag – they often have great deals and offers on so pop over and check them out. I can highly recommend them