Radical Skincare

Radical Skincare

Radical Skincare is an anti ageing skincare line started by Liz and Rachel, the daughter of Dr. Richard F. Edlich MD.PHD, world renowned Professor of Plastic Surgery. They dedicated years of research to formulating advanced skincare products that protect and rejuvenate skin.

The key to the Radical Skincare line is their Patented Trylacel Technology which maintains the potency of active ingredients by up to 300% by combining Multiple Antioxidants, Anti Ageing Active Ingredients and soothing Ingredients which enables maximum benefits and quick results.

Radical Skincare

I have been trying out three samples of their products,

Youth Infusion Serum* £110 – This has a nice sweet scent and makes my skin feel so smooth seconds after applying it. Formulated with plant based stem cells and hyaluronic acid to repair the skin, the Radical Youth Infusion Serum is a dual-purpose serum that works to radically boost hydration levels in the skin. Also helping to firm sagging skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles

I have noticed the skin especially round my eyes and mouth is looking brighter and plumper. I suffer with terrible lines around my eyes and these appear reduced and thats after 4 weeks of use. I’m impressed with this serum. It is lightweight and cooling on the skin, it sinks in very quickly and leaves it feeling silky smooth. If you’re looking for a product which will help combat your fine lines then this is for you.

Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum* £125 – This is targeted at being the first line of defence in protecting your skin from free radicals which are known to prematurely age your skin. This serum is seriously the bees knees, it is light brown in colour although that doesn’t show up on your skin. I used this in the morning and the Youth Infusion Serum in the evening, as a duo they seem to be keeping my otherwise dull skin looking very healthy and dare I say glowing.

From the first time you use this serum your skin feels tighter, not in the dry feeling way but in a less saggy kind of way. It is fabulous and being almost 36 gravity is starting to work against me and I think this serum really works to help combat the signs of ageing. I have noticed a marked improvement with not only how my skin feels but how it looks.

  • Peptide ingredients increase of collagen
  • Creates an instant healthy glow
  • Berry bronze serum reflects the natural antioxidant power

Anti Ageing Restorative Moisture* £100 – This is a seriously lightweight silky moisturiser. If you suffer from oily skin then this is perfect for you. It feels like it melts away on your skin whilst leaving it very smooth and soft. It feels instantly hydrating and smooth to the touch. My foundation sat so well on top of this cream. I have been using this in the day time because it is so lightweight and multi functional, it helps increase hydration, fight free radicals, decrease wrinkle depth and combat dark spots. I have to say it has done all of those things and I don’t think I have ever had a moisturiser perform as well as this one.

This has helped even my skin tone in 4 weeks and helped my skin look radiant, hydrated and this means my wrinkles appear less visible. This makes me very happy.

Radical Skincare

I knew nothing about Radical Skincare before trying this sample set and wasn’t shocked to see it was a high end skincare brand. I do like to spend money on products that work. Like the Estee Lauder ANR Serum which was £70 and I enjoy using Aesop skincare too. So I do think Radical Skincare is worth every penny.

I might not be able to afford them all at once and would have to say the Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum would be the one I’d buy if I could only pick one product. It has been the one product that I think gave my skin the biggest change. Although I do think they work well together.

Being someone who has a dull complexion and is edging towards 40 at what feels like a great rate of knots, these three products were a pleasure to use and I saw visible results so I’m currently convincing my husband that I need to keep using them. I will be repurchasing at least two of them.

Do you spend a lot on your skincare? Have you tried anything from Radical Skincare, let me know if you have and which products you recommend from their range.

Radical Skincare is available from selected Fenwick Stores, Harrods, Space NK and www.radicalskincare.com

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.