Pixi by Petra Lash Primer & Mascara

Pixi By Petra Lash Products

I first discovered Pixi about 10 years ago when they had a small stand in the Manchester Selfridges, since then I have been addicted to their makeup and skincare. They have so many fab products but I have never tried their mascara’s (until now). I have been using two of their newest releases – Black Lash Primer* and Lengthy Fibre Mascara* for the last couple of weeks and thought I best let you know how I am getting on.

Pixi By Petra Makeup

Pixi Black Lacquer Lash Primer £15

The first few times I used this it felt very wet and I made the mistake of applying too much & looked like I had spider lashes. Once I had got to grips with it & it had dried up a little I managed to make it work. This lash primer is jet black and I have to admit a couple of times I have worn it as a mascara & it looks pretty good.

It contains ingredients that condition your lashes – vitamin A, vitamin C and panthenol. This primer is a great first step in making my lashes look full and thick. I’m not sure it is a necessary step for everyday makeup but if you like your lashes to look long and your mascara to stay put all day its a product worth adding to your makeup bag.

Pixi Mascara

Pixi Lengthy Fibre Mascara £16

This is the product for people who like their lashes to have that false lash effect. It is jam packed with stretch fibres that add length and volume to your lashes in one sweep. I do have to wipe off the end of the wand before applying the Mascara because the fibres tend to gather there.

If you add two coats of this it will take your lashes to the next level – va va voom! Its definitely a product I would use on a night out, I tend not to wear false lashes (I’m hopeless at applying them) so this would give my lashes that effect without the hassle. This mascara contains Vitamin E, panthenol and chamomile which will strengthen and protect your lashes

These are two releases that will be perfect for anyone that likes their lashes to be Have you tried any Pixi products?

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Pixi Illuminating Tint and Conceal

The Pixi store just off Carnaby Street in London is a really lovely shop. Their staff are always friendly and eager to help with matching you up to foundations & explaining their products. Many of which have dual purpouse. I just love products that double up. Saves space and money.

I have had a few Pixi products over the years. Their eyeshadows are pigmented and have great staying power. So i wanted to pick up something that would act as a skin illuminator and help make my skin look more glowing and fresh for summer (if it ever turns up.) I was directed to this Pixi Illuminating Tint and Conceal it has a tinted moisturiser as well as a concealer which i thought was fab. I was matched to the shade No1 Light Glow (no tan here.)

The Illuminating tint part of it i have used in two ways. First i have used it as a light almost sheer coverage tinted moisturiser. It doesn’t provide much coverage but is so good for summery warm days when you do not want to wear alot of makeup but it gives your skin a really fresh healthy glow. I have also used it as more of a illuminating base under a foundation for a underlying glow whist getting better coverage with your foundation. So it works well for both uses.

The other part of this product is a concealor. Its a creamy consistency thats quite dry initially but if you warm it up on the back of your hand or with your fingers it applies alot better. I have this in a light shade as i like to use it under my eyes and i like to lighten that area rather than cover up with a dark concealor.  It a good quality concealor and if you powder it it will last all day.

This Pixi Illuminating Tint and Conceal costs £21.50 and you get 28.4g of the tinted moisturiser and 2.6g of concealor.  It contains lots of great ingredients for your skin like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Vitamin C and one of the best parts is it contains SPF 20.

The concealor is the round swatch and the illuminating moisturiser is the line swatch.

I will be using this alot if the weather ever sorts its self out and gives us a summer!! What Pixi products have you enjoyed using and would recommend?