Spring Awakening Skincare Products

Spring Beauty Products

Spring Beauty Products

Soap & Glory Heel Genius

My feet need some TLC after Winter & the fact that they have permanently been in socks or slippers for months. Now that the weather is getting warmer and I’m thinking about more Spring / Summer appropriate footwear I want my feet to look their best. My feet don’t get that dry but I do like to apply some of the Soap & Glory Heel Genius at night and let it soften my tootsies overnight before washing it off in the morning. It is quite greasy but it does a great job so I can live with that odd tacky feeling overnight, sometimes I put on some socks so it doesn’t get on my bedding. This smells lovely, as do all the Soap & Glory products and it’s just a great affordable product. A tube lasts for ages, I think I have had this over a year and its still going strong.

ESPA Naturally Radiant Gradual Tan*

I’m terrible at all things related to fake tan, I’m a complete novice and to be honest, the thought of fake tanning scares the hell out of me. So I tend to stick to the gradual tanners, I find them more subtle and a little more user-friendly. This ESPA one gives a gorgeous (natural) summer holiday glow. It’s extremely lightweight and feels nourishing and hydrating. It has a real no fuss or mess formula. You apply it like a body lotion and leave it to work its magic & give your skin a gorgeous natural glow which develops over four hours and intensifies each day. This smells incredible.

TonyMoly I’m Real Radiance Sheet Mask

I love using sheet masks – they force you to relax and take 20 minutes for yourself. These Tony Moly ones are affordable and come with 11 options for all different skin concerns. I use the radiance one the most, its infused with tomato fruit extract to boost radiance, smooth, and moisturise. Its also contains peach fruit extract, which brightens, hydrates, and refreshes the complexion.This mask is so good if like me you have naturally lacklustre skin. The sheet masks itself a great size for my quite small face and is very moist. I apply it to clean skin and leave it on for about 20 – 30 minutes, then I pat in the residue product and my skin looks so refreshed and glowing. These really are fantastic and so affordable.

Clinique Super City Block SPF40

This is one of my favourite lightweight facial sun protectors, I’m pretty disciplined these days and I wear quite a high factor broad spectrum SPF on a daily basis. It is now part of my daily skincare routine. I have been using the Clinique Super City Block for about a year now and I’ve found that it wears so well under makeup. It never leaves my skin feeling or looking greasy and It provides a high level of protection from UVA & UVB rays as well as environmental aggressors. The cream itself is a light beige and it has a slight tint but it fades once blended into the skin. I wouldn’t be without a tube of this & highly recommend if you’re looking for a new SPF that won’t break you out or feel heavy on the skin.

What products do you always repurchase to get you ready for Spring / Summer?

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Sheet Mask Purchases

Whilst I was in San Francisco I wanted to visit Japan Town and more specifically The Face Shop. I had heard a few YouTubers talk about the one in Dubai and I wanted to have a look and see what cute fun Asian cosmetics they had and also buy some skincare.

The sales assistant was so sweet and very helpful even though the shop was busy. It seemed like a really popular place to go. I was drawn to their very large range of sheet masks, I have never tried them before and have heard great things about them. I bought 6 ranging in price from $2 – $6. Utter bargains.

The Face Shop

First up The two Masks at the top of the photo really intrigued me as the have a separate section that has what feels like a liquid / serum in. They are masks by 3D Ampoule and I bought the Ceramide & Red Ginseng and the other is the Hyaluronic Acid & Colostrum. The instructions tell you to apply the liquid to your skin after washing your face then to place the mask on to your face and let the residue absorbe into your skin. These were $5 each.

3D Ampoule Sheet Mask

The Face Shop Haul

Sheet Mask

I was after masks that would help make my skin look brighter and radiant so this next mask is for Hydrating and Revitalising so I was all over that and plus the packaging also looks super cute. Its called the Vita B Hydro Gel Mask $3

Star Fruit Extract

Face MasksNext up I bought 2 of these so I could give one to a friend, its the CO-Q10 Essential Sheet Mask $2 each. This mask is meant to leave the skin smooth and supple. So we will see how I get on.

The Face Shop

And finally the last Korean Skincare Mask I bought was the Real Oriental Herb Mask for Revitalization and this is aimed and skin that is dull and lot its radiance. I am excited to try this one as it says is contains a formula produced by brewing Korean-sourced Oriental Herbs, I am loving the sound of that. $6

Korean Skincare


Do you use Sheet Masks – do you like them? I’d be interested ti hear if you’ve tried any of the ones I bought.