Product Empties Oct / Nov 2016

November Product Empties 2016

November Product Empties 2016

Skin Chemist Advanced Snail Eye Serum*

I recently reviewed this Snail range from Skin Chemists and I really liked the eye serum. Its so hydrating and I loved how smoothing it was. Who would have thought we’d be putting snail serum on our faces?! Its a lightweight texture, very cooling on the skin and quite refreshing too. Its nice to use either morning or night but I quite often use it in the evening because it helps my eyes look refreshed by morning and keeps the puffyness to an absolute minimum.

If you use the code BLOGSNAILS to get each product for £24.99 each instead of £72 – that is almost halfprice. Code valid until the end of 2016 **

COLab Dry Shampoo Sheer & Invisible in Rio

My holy Grail dry shampoo – this was a mini bottle I took with me to Amsterdam. I am so pleased I took it with me and it meant that I only had to wash my hair twice during the week we were there. This really absorbs the oils and doesn’t irritate my scalp or make my hair look dull. I like all the scents but I think Rio is my favourite. I need to stock up on a few ful sized bottles.

Lacura Thermal Spa Eye Cream*

This is a very, very good eye cream and the fact it is only £ is even better. Aldi skincare is amongst some of my favourite budget options and I particulary enjoyed the Thermal Spa range. It was lightweight, hydrating and had a lovely fresh scent. I highly recommend checking it out next time you are in there doing your shopping. This tube lasted me ages and I mostly used it as part of my morning skincare routine because it worked well to hydrate around my eyes which meant my makeup applied easier and didn’t sink into my fine lines.

Eloquence Skincare Purifying Facial Cleanser

I have tried a few products from this brand and I really enjoyed them as a whole. This was a nice gentle cleanser and again I took it with me to Amsterdam to use as my morning cleanse. It has a creamy formula and it left my skin feeling soft and clean. It’s enriched with Sacha Inchi Oil, Cucumber and Coconut Extracts. Sacha Oil is a common ingredient within this range and is a superfood which comes from Peru and is found in seed form. Its known for its high levels of vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids and its oil has a unique blend of

  • Omega 3 which helps to restore the skins elasticity
  • Omega 6 helps to combat skin dehydration
  • Omega 9 helps against premature ageing by intensely nourishing and protecting the skin from environmental stress.

So my skin was in good hands and I thought it would be a reliable, gentle cleanser to take away with me, knowing that my skin wouldn’t react to it and cause any breakouts.

Aussie Dry Shampoo

Possibly the worst dry shampoo I have ever used. Its overly powdery, leaves a white cast in your hair & makes your hair feel worse than it did before you applied it. One to avoid for sure.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish 

I love the classic Cleanse & Polish from Liz Earle but their limited edition scents are something very special. This Grapefruit and Patchouli scent has been one of my favourites to date, its zesty, fresh and quite Summery. As with the original C&P it’s suitable for all skin types and is great at gently removing makeup and leaving skin feels soft and clean. I try a lot of skincare but I know I can always rely on Liz Earle when my skin has reacted badly to a product and I always have a C&P in my stash. If you have tried any of the limited edition scents, let me know what your favourites are.

  • PR Sample

Skin Chemist Advanced Snail Serum Skincare

Skin Chemist Snail Serum Skincare

Skin Chemist Snail Serum Skincare

Snail Serum is another Asian influenced beauty trend that we are seeing becoming more popular in West. Snail Serum (snail mucin) is a common ingredient in many Korean and Japanese products, particularly sheet masks and moisturisers due to its heeling, hydrating and resurfacing abilities. I must admit at first I was a little grossed out but Asian’s know a thing or two about how to look after their skin and so I knew I had to try it out.

I have been trying two Snail Serum products from Skin Chemists and I have to say I have seen some very good results. Both products both use Snail Secretion derived from the natural defensive liquid secreted by snails which is 91-98% water but also includes a few more skin loving nutrients too, such as hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein, proteoglycans, and antimicrobial and copper peptides. These help hydrate your skin, give it a smoother, softer appearance as well as reducing acne scaring and age spots.

Skin Chemist Advanced Snail Eye Serum* £72.00

This is a clear very lightweight serum and it instantly visibly smooths the area around the eye, I have been using this for over 6 weeks now and I have really seen a difference in how my makeup sits under my eye and also just how bright this area looks. I use it at night and my eyes don’t look puffy or dehydrated in the morning. It sinks into the skin well, its a very fluid formula and it feels cooling and very gentle.

  • Snail Secretion, derived from the natural defensive liquid secreted by snails aims to delay premature ageing of the skin, whilst reducing visible age spots and providing protection from free radical damage
  • Osilift, a natural sugar from purified oat extracts, aims to instantly lift and tighten the skin to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Hyaluronic Acid aims to rejuvenate the skin by boosting natural hyaluronic acid levels found within the layers of the skin, to plump and hydrate.
  • Starflower Oil, rich in essential fatty acids, provides lipid nutrients, which aim to effectively replenish skin tissues in order to slow the natural ageing process

Skin Chemists Snail Serum Skincare

Skin Chemist Advanced Snail Duo Moisturiser* £72.00

This has a light cream texture but feels luxurious and rich on the skin but still lightweight. Its has a fresh scent and is easily absorbed in to the skin without leaving it feeling greasy or heavy with product. I have used this morning and night and it makes my skin feels soft and looking healthy. I like how this has given my skin a plumpness over the past couple of months and also helped to reduce those pesky fine lines and dark spots.

  • Snail Secretion, derived from the natural defensive liquid secreted by snails aims to delay premature ageing of the skin, whilst reducing visible age spots and providing protection from free radical damage.
  • Tiare Flower Extract is combined with light and silky coconut oil, working to hydrate, repair, soothe and purify the skin.
  • Vitamin E Acetate aims to leave the skin moisturised, whilst providing further protection against skin damage from environmetal aggressors.
  • Creatine is formulate to immitate an amino acid found naturally within the skin, it aims to revitalise cell energy metabolism, whilst hydrating and protecting the skin.

Skin Chemists Snail Serum Skincare

Both products I have tried from this range have been a surprise to me because they promise a lot but they also deliver on them too. I am hooked but even though they work I am still not sure how I feel about smearing snail slime on my face. Have you tried any Snail Serum products, how do you feel about them?

I love the sleek airless pump bottles and think they look luxurious and are very hygienic (which is important to me) and it dispenses just the right amount of product so there is no waste. Both products also have a lovely sweet scent.

** If you use the code BLOGSNAILS to get each product for £24.99 each instead of £72 – that is almost halfprice. Code valid until the end of 2016 **

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