The Hoxton Hotel Amterdam

I have been to Amsterdam countless times over the years, if you know me you know that it is joint number one (with Berlin) as my favourite cities to visit. Amsterdam has such a special place in my heart. Before Brexit, we were all set to move there but as a result of leaving the single market we would not be able to take our business with us, so sadly a move is off the table for us. Instead we try to visit as often as possible, and we recently came back from a visit in March (it was FREEZING)

Until my most recent visit, we have always stayed in the same hotel (creature of habit) we liked being in a quieter area of Amsterdam, a little off the beaten track, out by the Tropenmuseum at The Manor Hotel. Surrounded by parks, nature and fewer tourists. We (still) love it out there, it’s relaxed and leafy it has nice restaurants, good travel links, and it is a beautiful walk (if you wanted to walk) into the more central areas.

Over the years, we have popped into The Hoxton Hotel for drinks and dinner (or just a cheeky wee). I always wondered what it would be like to stay there, right on the Herengracht Canal, in the centre of the 9 streets. I have heard so many people rave about this hotel and The Hoxton Hotels in general.

So I bit the bullet, and booked 5 nights (for early March). I was so looking forward to it, after my husband had lost a close family member over Christmas, we really needed a holiday. That was not the case, sadly my dad passed away suddenly 2 weeks before we were set to go away. I was torn between going and staying home. Knowing I wouldnt get a refund, and it was a pricey trip, (my dad would have been annoyed at me loosing all that money). I decided to go and try to make of it what I could.

We stayed for 5 nights in a Cosy Canal View Room on the 2nd floor, the room was small but had everything you might need. Lovely big window overlooking the Herengracht Canal, this view was worth every penny, so beautiful, and we loved seeing and hearing all the goings on out there. We have never had such a grand view before, and it really made me very happy to sit in bed with a cuppa and look out the window.

The bed was very big, comfy and with it being -5 degrees one day & snowing it was very warm too! We slept very well, even though I was pretty stressed and emotional. There is a desk in the corner and a desk chair, I used this space as a vanity. You get tea & coffee in the room, as well as daily bottles of water & milk (if you require it). The mugs in the rooms at The Hoxton are fab, very big, and perfect if, like me, you enjoy a nice cup of tea! There is also a fridge, we kept our Almond milk in there & some bits & bobs.

The bathroom had a rainfall shower and lovely products, shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I loved the white subway style tiles in the bathroom, it was a cool looking small bathroom. The wardrobe big enough for us & the huge drawers under the bed were great for our stuff too, for a small room there was plenty of storage.

The bar, and lobby is very, very busy at all times. We found that getting a seat was like a game of cat & mouse, it is a popular place for people to work out of (like a co working space). People would arrive when I left the hotel at 9ish, and they were still there when I came back in the late afternoon. It’s great that you’re able to do that, but if you want to use this space as a hotel guest, it is challenging. On the odd occasion we managed to get a seat, the light bites bar menu was great, coffee very good and the cocktails were even better. There is a great atmosphere here in the evening, and they have lots of live music in the evening.

So all in all, The Hoxton was a treat, I booked it in January and my wonderful Dad passed away in February, so I didn’t have the relaxing trip I had envisioned, but I am glad I went. I want to go back, so I can really appreciate it, with a calmer mind and more energy.

If you want to stay here, I would say sign up to their newsletter, or keep an eye out on Expedia for deals, otherwise (in my opinion) it is on the pricey side. The location is amazing if you want to be in the thick of it, in a nice area of Amsterdam, with shopping, restaurants and the hustle and bustle on your doorstep. Everything in Amsterdam is pretty much within walking distance, and what I love most about this city is that it is incredibly beautiful no matter what time of year you visit. Walking everywhere is the best thing to do, the way to discover cafés, bars, and shops tucked away.

There is also a Old school B&W photo booth in the hotel, we didn’t use it this visit as there was a constant queue of about 20 teenagers waiting to use it. We took these photos 3 years ago in 2019.

I will do another post about all the places we ate & cafés we visited. I just wanted to do a post about staying here, at The Hoxton, as it was such a small dream of mine, even if the circumstances were emotional.