The Autumn Tag

The Autumn Tag

I’d seen Amy from srslylou and Georgina from Makeup Pixi3 do this Autumn Tag and as it is my favourite season I thought I’d give it a go too.

For Autumn what is your…..

1. Favourite thing about it? That my birthday is in this season! That is my main favourite thing but other than that I just love wearing big winter knits and I have so many lovely scarves that only get worn in the colder months.

2. Favourite drink? I am a tea drinker so would have to say Apple & Cinnamon tea. It is such a nice hot drink & smells amazing.

3. Favourite scent / candle? I adore anything Fig scented.

4. Best Lipstick? I’m not a massive lipstick wearer so don’t wear different ones during any season. I just wear what I fancy.

5. Go to moisturiser? Origins Mega Mushroom moisturiser is quite heavy and so lends itself to the colder months. It is for calming the skin and addressing redness, I tend to get red skin in the Autumn / Winter time when I am using the central heating more & when the wind is cold. So this moisturiser is perfect for helping give hydration and calm skin.

6. Go to colour for the eyes? I love neutrals but in particular I love to use my Naked palette during the colder months.

7. Favourite band / music to listen to? I like to listen to REM and AFI they remind me of living in Liverpool and cold Autumn nights.

8. Favourite outfit to wear (i.e Boots & a scarf combo)? I’d have to say Beanie hats and mittens, I am a big kid when it comes to winter accessories. I just love to wear mittens, they keep your hands snug & warm and look so cute.

9. Autumn Treat? Hot Chocolate, it’s the perfect warm treat & you can add so many yummy extras depending on your mood. It’s the perfect drink to customise.

10. Favourite place to be? This was the easiest question to answer – New York, without a doubt. It is so pretty in the Autumn – the trees are all shades of red, Orange and yellow and its stunning. I have been 3 times in the Autumn and & I also went for my Honeymoon in October & it was breathtaking.

Autumn in photos Autumn is all about beautiful leaves and sunsets (photos are my own)

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  1. Mittens are so cool, I think I need to invest in a new pair this year. I definitely listen to different music too in Autumn, the punk and ska gets left behind for grunge and rock. I love your photos of the Autumn colours, so in love with this season!

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