This Weeks Happy #3

A few of my Favourite things

I bought a selection of rings from Forever21 in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago & I have been wearing a selection of them everyday. I was overwhelmed by the amount of jewellery in Forever21. I could have spent a fortune in there but didn’t have time to spare, I picked up two packs of rings for £1.50 each, BARGAIN. I will be going back to stock up on more & buy a few necklaces.

I have been listening to one of my favourite people whilst I work, Patti Smith. What a woman she is. I love her music & this CD Outside Society has been keeping me company this month. I really like her cover version of Smells Like Teen Spirit. If you haven’t read her book ‘Just Kids’ then you need to. Its so good

I had a little buyers remorse when I purchased the new L’Oreal LA Palette Nude in Rose . It was £15 & I bought it on a whim, I hadn’t read any reviews & wasn’t even sure it was worth the price tag. I know £15 isn’t a great deal to spend but for a drugstore palette I thought it might have been a little too much. Fast forward a few weeks & I am VERY pleased to say this palette is worth every penny, you get 10 shadows and they’re made up of 4 mattes & 6 shimmers. The shadows are great quality and beautiful to wear. The packaging is compact and travel friendly and I am pleased that I bought it.

Jurlique Rose Love Balm* – This is a natural salve that moisturises, softens and protects dry or chapped skin. Infused with the natural scent of roses. It has been a handbag staple of mine for the couple of weeks. As the weather gets colder & we start to use the central heating more my lips start to get very dry. This balm is a great product for combating the dryness, its hydrating but not greasy & has that lovely natural rose scent.

Can we just have a moment to appreciate my Sharpies, I have such a collection of them but these four pastel ones are my current favourite colours. I love writing with a fresh Sharpie its so satisfying & I look for an excuse to write with them because they’re so pretty.

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.

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    1. I have been loving wearing them, so inexpensive too. I need to pop back & get a few more. They had lovely necklaces too.

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