This Weeks Happy #7

Me & my Niece Alyvia

Scottish Roadtrip

This past week we took 5 days off & headed north of the border to Scotland where my family live, we make the 300 mile drive about every 8 weeks & its always such a beautiful journey. We didn’t expect to see snow but it made all the hills look pretty. The scenery always looks so different each time depending on the season, even though I must have done the journey countless times I never tire of it. I love getting to see my family & especially my niece who is 6 & is growing up so fast.

Date Night True Romance Date Night

My husband & I celebrated 15 years together in February & we never do anything extravagant to mark the occasion. This year was no exception. I spotted that one of our favourite bars Kosmonaut in Manchester was showing our favourite film and we decided it would be a fun way to celebrate. Pizza, cocktails & True Romance = my ideal date night.

Vanilla Chai

Chai has become my drink of choice over the past few months, I love how spicy it tastes. It’s become so easily available too & most supermarkets have their own version. The Vanilla one I have photographed above is nice but I think the original Tesco version is nicer. If you have a favourite brand of Chai then let me know, I’d love to try more.

Deliciously Ella Cookbook

In the past 3 years since my dad had his Stroke my whole family has started to eat better. My mum juices twice a day & has stopped smoking & her skin is looking incredible. My husband & I eat a Vegan diet & we have never been more adventurous & excited about cooking & meal planning. We have discovered so many tasty meals and snacks since cutting out all the processed food. I have been trying to do more of the cooking these past few months and buying some cookbooks has really helped. Deliciously Ella is the newest book in my collection & I have found it so easy to follow & even a beginner like me has been able to follow the recipes & cook some edible meals.

I have a post planned all about my favourite Vegan / healthy meals and snacks, so keep an eye out for that.

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  1. Aww so many lovely things! Big congrats on the 15 years, that is just wonderful! You’ve inspired me to pick up Deliciously Ella too, I’m trying to change up my diet for the better but am stuck for inspiration, and that book sounds just perfect!
    Carrie xx

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