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UD De Slick

Since entering my 30’s my skin changed and is now oily combination, this was quite a shock as all through my 20’s i had normal skin, so combating the oily has become daily focus. I tend to use Rimmel Stay Matte powder but this would never last me all day with out needing to be re applied. I wanted something a little more heavy duty especially for a night out or a really long day.

Urban Decay de-slick setting spray

De Slick Info

So when I went along to the Urban Decay counter in August to hear all about their new Revolution Lipstick releases (which are beautiful), I got talking to the sales lady and she spoke very highly of this de – slick makeup setting spray which is targeted at oil control. Β I needed no convincing and bought the full size bottle. I have been using it for well over a month now and can report that this spray is very very very very good! I used to think that my Mac Fix + kept my makeup on all day, what was I thinking?! This Urban Decay offering is the bees knees and really does keep my makeup in place and the oil at bay.

When using this spray my T Zone isn’t shiny, nor does my blush slip off after a few hours wear. I often spray a little on after moisturiser and before my foundation just for an added step / barrier for the oil them I spray a little over my finished face and voila I’m ready. I am no longer checking in the mirror every hour to see if my makeup is looking OK and I am confident that this spray does a great job. I really can’t tell you how much I love this product.

If you suffer from oily skin what do you use to keep it in check? Have you tried this Urban Decay de-slick Setting Spray?

Urban Decay de-slick setting spray – Β£19.50 for 118ml

7 thoughts on “UD De-Slick Setting Spray

  1. I always hear amazing things about this, my skin seems to be changing a little at the moment, I have no idea why! It’s no where near as dry as it used to be but I’m interested to see what happens this winter. I would definitely rather have oily skin (I think) than super dry though, trying to blend foundation over dry skin is the worst!

  2. i’m surprised i never thought of this… i too have started getting oiler skin in recent years which is so weird to me!!! i guess i’ve just been skeptical of sprays and have only been focusing on hunting down oil control skincare products instead. i’m definitely keeping this one in mind next time i’m at an urban decay counter!

    rachel x

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