Vivo Eyeshadow Palette

Vivo Unprotected Palette

Whilst I was in Tesco, super late at night picking up paper I saw the new Vivo stand with quite a few new products on and I was drawn to this palette. It was £3.00 and you get 12 shadows. I need another neutral palette like I need a hole in the head. But I thought this would be great for travelling as its compact and really slim.

The colours are really intense and pigmented. Not what you would expect for the price. They are a little powdery but nothing you cant tap off. As you can see from the back of the palette all the shades are named which is nice as often lesser expensive brands tend to number their colours and I don’t like that. I like them to have names.

Vivo Cosmetics Palette in Unprotected 

For £3.00 you get a lovely range of colours and finishes. There are 3 matte colours and the rest have an almost frost finish to them, they’re really pretty. I found they blended well if you take your time and work them – but you get a lovely finish and many of these shades can create a smokey eye. As I said the colours are really pigmented.

Top row, Middle row and Bottom row

I think my favourite colours from this Unprotected Palette are Engage and Adore – but they are all nice. Its great to see a Drugstore palette with matte shades. I’m really impressed with the quality of the shadows. They are quite creamy and rich, you get 8.4g of product for £3 which is really great value.

Vivo have a really good range of products int their collection, I already love using their Brow palette and their baked blushes. Their range is available in larger Tesco Stores and online at if you have’t already you should check them out they are always doing great deals.

30 thoughts on “Vivo Eyeshadow Palette

  1. Its such a good dupe for the naked palette! I actually seen this in my local Tesco, so tempted to pick one up but I stopped myself as I already have the MUA Undressed, I simply can’t get through neutral colours quick enough- even though you can never have too many haha 😉 xx

    1. I know I am the same. I have so many neutral shadows. I am a sucker for them! Its such a pretty palette – I will swatch it next to my naked palette and my Undressed palette see how they all compare.

  2. Wow – great price for what looks like a great palette! I can’t find any of the MUA palettes near me, so if I see this next time I’m in Tesco I’ll definitely be picking it up. Great post. 🙂 xx

    1. Thanks Sarah – Its a lovely palette – they only do Vivo Cosmetics in the Big Tesco on the Kingsway. But they have a big selection up there

    1. It is similar to the Undressed palette & I have been told that Vivo & MUA are either the same company or share the same manufactures. Or something along those lines.

    1. Thanks Sophie – I have never tried their mascara. Although a few of them are on offer at the moment & I might pick up a couple to test. The shadows in this palette are really pretty. I am really impressed with it

  3. Oh wow it does look lovely! I was dying to see some swatches of this and the shades do look very pigmented.
    And £3 that’s a deal 😀 That’s it, I’ll have to have it!

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