20 Random Facts About me

I have seen this on quite a few blogs. I enjoyed reading some fun things about people & getting to know the people behind the blog. I can’t promise mine will be witty or informative. 20 facts were quite hard enough to come up.

1. I’ve lived more of my life outside of the UK

2. I’m married but have kept my last name

3. Dogs terrify me – to the point where I should get help

4. I don’t have any living Grandparents and that makes me sad

5. I moved to Cornwall thinking I wanted to live by the sea, but found it too quiet for me. I discovered I am a city girl

6. I have never had a party. I didn’t even have a Hen Party

7. I have 2 brothers they’re 37 & 31. I am in the middle

8. I swear ALOT & my husband hates it

9. My nickname is VB – but it was mine before Victoria Beckham claimed it. I’m taking it back

10. My favourite film of all time is In To The Wild

11. My memory is shocking and have no memories of being younger than 9

12. I worry about everything

13. I have major guilt about not living closer to my dad since he had his stroke

14. I am 5 feet tall (short-arse)

15. I love talking to my mum on the phone (we live 300 miles apart) she is so funny and always tells it like it is!

16. I love space and astronomy it fascinates me. But the thought of going to the moon scares me. Yes I think about things like that

17. I am always hungry

18. Music is one thing I couldn’t live without, it can change my mood, evoke emotion, memories and I love so many styles and genres. We listen to SOMA FM alot in my house. If you have never heard of it you should check it out

19. I always feel I won’t have enough time to do all the things I want to do

20. My dad learning to walk again was the most inspiring and proud moment to happen in my lif

A little more about me

Hubby & me in Amsterdam / Younger brother Gary after running the London marathon / Dad after his stroke with my niece (with my dads NHS helmet on) and older brother Mark / Hubby & niece / Younger brother Gary & my Mum / Brothers and me in 1983 – my first day of school.

If you have done one of these random facts posts be sure to link me to it in the comments.

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  1. Great post, definitely agree with the music thing, music is a huge part of my life too and I can’t remember the last day I didnt listen to some!

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