Instagram Round Up #19


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This past week I had one mission and that was to find shoes for my friends wedding. I’m a Bridesmaid and we’re wearing lovely navy blue dresses from COS. I wanted some quite colourful shoes but nothing too crazy. I’ve been looking for quite a while but most of the shoes were too high for me and I was finding it hard to see any I liked. On a trip to Liverpool I found some lovely ones – nude with neon pink toes and stitching. So the search is over. Thank god as her wedding is in just over 2 weeks.

I also sorted out my nail polish collection and threw some old ones away. I also passed some on to my mum and a few friends. Now I have a more manageable selection.

I always feel a little better when I have sorted through my makeup. I find long-lost gems that have gone unloved. It feels like I find new products. I will be sorting out my eyeshadows this week. I’ve been hanging on to so many old palettes and colours that I just don’t use.

6 thoughts on “Instagram Round Up #19

  1. *brushes her nail polishes under the bed* what do you mean you can have too many?! I need to sift through my stuff too.. I have loads I don’t use but then.. I don’t actually get up, dressed and put make up on that often and I’m trying to just keep using some stuff so I can maybe hit pan on something which I am starting to believe that is a myth…

    Lizzums x

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