Avon Haul

I purchased a couple of things from our Avon lady last month and i have been pleasantly surprised with how much i have enjoyed using them that I have put in another order already. I have always heard good things about Avon products but with them not being available instores put me off slightly. I am a swatcher. I swatch so many products then normally have a think about it before purchasing. But with Avon thats not really possible I did watch a few Youtube videos before hand so see colours and get idea of quality.

I decided on 4 products to try. One foundation an Eye Brightener and 2 Eye pencils.

The Calming Effects Foundation offers good medium coverage. The bottle design for me looks and feels a little dated, but the product itself is really good. It goes on well (using my stippling brush) and with powder lasts all day. I am still trying it out but so far my skin hasn’t broken out and i like the finish. I purchased it in the colour Cream and i think i have quite light skintone. I have also found it really is quite illuminating and gives you a fresh summer face.

I also bought the Eye Radiance Brightening Wand. I like this but my under eye area has to be really moisturised before use as it goes from a creamy to powder like effect if my under eyes are dry. So far i think this is OK. It does brighten my under eye area but its not like WOW bright. Also it comes in a little tube which i’m not too sure about – how will i be able to use all the product up as its hard to get out now & it’s brand new. Oh and i purchased the shade fair which is a good match for me.

Last items i purchased were 2 eyeliners. One Glimmerstick Diamonds in Black Ice and a Supershock Gel Eyeliner in Fawn. Both of these are really good. Creamy and vibrant, the colour glides on your eye and has great staying power. I have ordered a few more of the Supershock ones to test out. The Black Ice has glitter in and is great for an evening eye look. The fawn is great for daytime and for someone who wheres alot of Black eyeliner this Fawn colour was a nice change. It compliments a neutral eye look. These will be featuring alot in my day to day makeup routine.

What have you tried from Avon? I am looking forward to using their nail polishes as i have heard so much about them.

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