Nail Polish Haul

Just a quick post today as i am busy packing for a wee break to Manchester to see family and also go to the Guns and Roses gig (anniversary pressie for my hubby). So i have purchased a few Nail Polish’s over this past week. Some that i have had my eye on for a while and 2 I picked up at the till in H&M and didn’t expect much……… but as you will see i was shocked at how great the colours are.Nail Polish Nail Polish Haul May 2012

So for reasons unknown to me it seems i am unable to purchase just one nail polish, i have to pick up two at a time. I purchased,

1. Barry M Instant 322 Nail Effects Polish in 151 – A purple crackle effect

2. Models Own Polish Beetle Juice  in Copper Pot – A orange duo chrome effect

3. H&M Nail Polish in Superpink – A brilliant pink with a hint of sparkle

4. H&M Nail Polish in Purple Glitter – Its exactly that.

5. Models Own Polish in Beetle Juice Purple Blue – Oh my! This changes with the light colour

6. Barry M Polish in 150 Red Glitter 270 – A great red glitter polish

I have wanted the Models Own Beetle Juice Polish for so long & got two for £8 at Boots. The colours are so cool and the Purple Blue one never looks the same colour, it can look brown, purple, green and sparkly all at the same time its is so beautiful. The Copper Pot one will be fab all through summer.

Now the H&M Polishes i grabbed them at the till when i buying my niece a pair of pumps so i thought for a 99p polish i can’t expect too much but when i swatched them on my nail wheel i was super shocked this Pink is especially great. With 2 coats the colour is bright and not streaky at all. So with a top coat i think this polish will look really good. The Purple Glitter was also a surprise, 2 coast would do but i think with a 3rd the colour would be even better. I am so going back to see what other colours they have. They are also in a cute small bottle – perfect for travelling. Have you tried any of these mini H&M nail polishes?

As for Barry M they are always fab and the two I picked up were no exception. The red glitter will look so good for the festive season and i didnt realise i had picked up a crackle effect polish i thought it was just a purple. Doh! But still it is a good mat effect crackle polish.Nail Polish Haul May 2012

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