Avon Nail Wear Pro +

I get my Avon products the old fashioned way – through the lovely Avon lady who comes to my door. I browse the catalogue and place my order with her. Easy. Then I wait a week or so and she pops round has a nice chat and gives me my eagerly awaited purchases.

I’ve made quite a few purchases over the past couple of months and have re discovered a love for Avon, they seem to have high quality products for an affordable price. I wanted to let you know about their nail polishes. I have read alot of great reviews about them – one in particular here on The London Lipgloss. These nail polishes always seem to be sold out but I’ve managed to get my hands on a few colours my favourite being Licorice. This is an amazing intense black.

This polish is really long wearing and the formula is really nice to and not runny at all, 2 coats with a top coat lasted me for 4 days. I’ve also teamed this up with my No7 silver glitter top coat and it looked fab the silver flecks of glitter really stood out against the black. I bought my Avon polish for £3 half price but full price they are £6 for 12ml

I’m a big fan of black nail polish and think it can look really cute. This Avon one is bold and the colour quite sharp. If you manage to get them when their running an offer then you should pick up a few colours. They get a thumbs up from me.


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    1. Its great – but was limited edition for summer – should still be available. I hope it is. Love the £5 vouchers you can get a real bargain. I have one to spend & am tempted to pick up the gold version too. Let me know if you’re able to find it.

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