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Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Benefit Roller Lash Launch Party

The new Benefit Roller Lash Mascara* is the latest addition to Benefits makeup range & it will sit alongside their two already very popular Mascaras, They’re Real & Bad Gal. I was always more of a Bad Gal fan, They’re real was a little too crispy on my lashes & it didn’t separate them enough. Now on to Roller Lash which has been a long time in the development & I think its safe to say they have a fabulous mascara on their hands. As you would expect from Benefit the packaging is fun, girly & very cute, but the product itself lives up to expectations.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Launch

I went along to the launch event in Manchester in the cutest pink lorry which Benefit had converted into a retro hair salon. It was so much fun & the Benebabes where so sweet. We learnt all about this new release whilst eating cupcakes & drinking Champagne (of course!).

The formula isn’t going to crisp up your lashes or clump – NO CLUMPING AT ALL – hallelujah I hate my lashes to look clumpy & messy. Roller Lash grips your lashes with their fancy new brush which has tiny hooks with which you hook & roll the brush up your lashes. Simple & effective, it coats each individual lash so you get thick separated fluttery lashes that look so long and fluttery. I have been using it everyday for a week and really like the effect, my lashes feel soft & bouncy.

Benefit Roller Lash Brush

One coat of Roller Lash

This mascara has been formulated so it holds a curl & I would say it does a good job at that, better than the other two Benefit Mascaras. It lifts the lashes & helps make your eyes look open & wide awake (just what I need). I wouldn’t say get rid of the eyelash curlers but why not use them to add even more curl.

So for me this new release is a bit of an all rounder & I even picked up a copy of Elle magazine to get my free deluxe sample so I have a back up. It was just too cute to pass up. If you haven’t already then make sure you get this months Elle before it sells out as Roller Lash isn’t available to purchase in stores until March & will retail at £19.50.

Elle Magazine Freebie Benefit Roller Lash

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.

19 thoughts on “Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

  1. Love your post! The event looks so cute 🙂 I am definitely looking forward to this mascara after reading your review! Your eyelashes look so long and gorgeous xx

    Lauren |

  2. This mascara does look good, I have to admit. One of the magazines (possibly Elle) are giving one away as a freebie, but I didn’t pick it up in the end. I think I definitely will have to try it! x

    1. Thanks lovely. Its a fab mascara & it doesn’t feel crispy on my lashes & it doesn’t clump either so it gets 2 thumbs up from me

  3. Oh the event looks amazing – so jealous! I picked up the sample from Elle Magazine and im really enjoying it so far. I do love They’re Real its one of my favourite mascaras but i really like how this is completely different to that but still amazing.. Definitely need to get my hands on the full size at some point!
    Natalie xx

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