Cornwall Catchup Week #6

Newquay Harbour

Newquay Harbour

Roo's Beach Shop

Exeter City

Exeter City

Exeter Historical Centre

Charlestown Harbour Cornwall 2016

Sea view Cornwall

Cornish Cottage Charlestown

The Boat House

Its been quite a while since I last did a Cornwall catchup, in fact I think it was way back in December, we have now been down here for 6 months and the weather is starting to warm up again. We had such a cold wet Winter, so its nice to see the sun again. Our garden is coming together nicely and we now have a shed (exciting) and have planted lots of wild flowers seeds, so we’re hoping they start to bloom soon so the garden has a little colour. I still might plant a few veggies, let me know if you grow your own & what you find grows best and takes minimum effort.

I have found just the cutest shop called Roo’s Beach , they sell homeware, makeup, stationery and fashion & I want everything they have. Its so nicely curated and has a welcoming vibe. To make it even better, just next door is a lovely independent coffee shop called Laid Back Coffee Company, they have a lovely selection of cakes and hot drinks. We go there quite often and have a walk along the beach at Porth.

We even ventured out of the county & visited Exeter and we managed to get a gorgeous sunny day. Exeter is a beautiful City and we had been craving Wagamama as Cornwall still doesn’t have one so we satisfied that craving and ate all the food. It was nice to be amongst the hustle and bustle again but its always nice to head back home to our rural hideaway.

2 thoughts on “Cornwall Catchup Week #6

  1. Sounds like you’re have a lovely time settling into a new home!

    I know the UK can have some miserable weather but we have some of the most stunning coastlines! You’re photos look beautiful.

    I’m not very good at keeping on top of my garden but the things I’ve found easiest to grow are potatoes and carrots, sprouts, garlic and spinach. The garlic is super easy, and the spinach can get attacked a bit but seems to be pretty determined!

    Have fun!

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