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When I heard that Cate Blanchette was the face of the new Giorgio Armani Fragrance Si* I was more than a little excited. She is a beautiful woman, very strong and inspiring woman. I learned that she has a long standing relationship with the brand as she used her first movie pay to buy an Armani suit, which still she has today. She looks absolutely stunning in the campaign.

Cate Blanchette

I’m a very loyal girl and it takes something quite special for me to put down my favourite scents (Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin and SPACENK Laughter) and use something new, but this new Si fragrance from Giorgio Armani is very special. It smells so sophisticated but in a youthful way.


It has notes of Vanilla, Blackcurrant, Rose de Mai and Patchouli and base notes of blond amber which give it a sophisticated musky scent. When you initially spray this you can smell the Vanilla which gives it a sweet scent but it calms down to reveal a chic musky scent which lingers all day. It smells amazing. Even my husband loves the way this smells. He is a big fan of Patchouli, so I think thats why he likes it on me.

It is light enough to be worn through the day but is also sophisticated and sexy to be worn at night. This fragrance has a side that most people will love – the sweetness of the Vanilla and Blackcurrant, the beautiful floral notes of Freesia and Rose de Mai and the more sophisticated base notes of Patchouli and blond wood.


The bottle is simple but feels luxurious and looks very pretty sat out on my vanity. I don’t know why but it reminds me of a flower. Si is Italian for Yes and I think thats quite a positive name for a fragrance. For me it embodies the strength of women and opening ourselves up for opportunities and positivity. The name Si along with Cate Blanchette being the face of this new Giorgio Armani fragrance makes me associate it with being sophisticated, ambitious and strong. I think that embodies what I want to be as a woman.

I have put some of this into my Travelo so I can have it in my handbag, I’m a big fan and if you’re looking for a new fragrance urge you to test this in store and walk around whilst the scent changes from being pretty and sweet to being musky and sophisticated. You will be a fan I am sure.

Let me know what fragrance has surprised you and made you introduce a new scent to your collection.

You can purchase Si from Selfridges, The Perfume Shop, and I have seen it in Boots

30ml – £44

50ml – £63

100ml – £85

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  1. I will look out for this perfume next time I am in Boots. I love vanilla and blackcurrant, this perfume sounds intriguing with Patchouli added too!

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