Hemp Rose Soap

I’m staying with family in North West England whilst we look for a house / flat and I found the hand soap I was using was irritating my hands. Quite badly too. They were going really red and the skin was flakey so I had a rummage around my sample box and discovered this liquid soap by Dr Bronners. I had received it in a Glossybox one month and hadn’t had used it yet. Its the Dr. Bronner’s 18 in 1 Hemp Rose Pure Castile Soap.

I’d seen this brand in American Apparel and didn’t think too much of it although i like their old school style labels and they seem to be very ethical products. The ingredients are all organic and Fair Trade with no hidden nasties so I though it might do the trick with the allergic reaction I was having. Even after using this for a day the redness on my hands had calmed right down and after 5 days it had cleared up totally. My skin was no longer flakey or sore. This little sample bottle had saved the day. No one wants to walk around with hands that look horrid.

This soap smells of rose and other essential oils is really lovely and understated. It is quite a runny consistency but you need very little, it doesn’t lather up too much but it feels like it gives your hands a deep clean and I have to say it leaves them feel very soft too. I normally have to use a hand lotion right after washing my hands & that’s even using Molton Brown but with the Dr Bronner’s soap my hands felt quite soft and I wasn’t in such a hurry to put lotion on.

So if you still have your sample of this soap knocking about unloved i suggest you give it a go. I am not going to use anything else from now on. I am a complete convert and im getting to check out what else they have in the range.

The sample is 59ml and you can purchase the full size here for 237ml £5.59 delivered. That’s a bargain I will be purchasing the full size.



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  1. This really is a bargain! Have you tried handmade solid soaps? Most of the hand soaps I use are from Etsy and are handmade and so, so lovely! xo

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