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As like most beauty junkies this month I went mad for the sample freebies in the magazines – one of them being the Balance Me rose otto intensive lip salve. This sample came free with Glamour Magazine and is actually a full size product work £12. So for a £2 magazine I bagged a £12 lip balm — love it.

This is a super hydrating lip salve, I suffer from really dry and flakey lips. It can look a bit unsightly esp with a lipstick on. But found this lip salve really hydrating on my lips and left them feeling moisturised for hours. Which is so unusual for me as I normally have to apply lip balms so often throughout the day but I felt like this Balance Me one lasted a good amount of time.

I’ve heard a few people say they are not too keen on the rose scent, that it’s a little overpowering. I’m not overly offended by it. I by no means love it but I can get on with it as the product is working little miracles on my lips.

Balance Me have also packed this lip salve full of vitamins and oils so that’s good news for your lips. Balance Me have also only used products that are 100% natural and it contains no parabens, petroleum or sulphates so your lips are really being looked after.

The product is non greasy and applies really nicely to your lips and is easily absorbed. All in all im very happy with it and it’s always great to try a product I wouldn’t have normally purchased. I now want to visit my local John Lewis to have a look at their range and see what else i can try. I would purchase this in the future and think that £12 for a product that does a great job is worth the pennies.

Have you tried anything from the Balance Me range – would you recommend anything? Let me know

12 thoughts on “Balance Me Lip Salve

  1. Hiya! Lucybeee from IG here 🙂 if you’re looking for a good lip balm after you’ve finished this sample one, you should try the Palmer’s Dark Chocolate & Peppermint lip butter! It’s worked really well for me! It’s about £2.50 in boots and superdrug! 🙂 xx

    1. Hey Lucybeee – thanks for the recommendation. I am always on the hunt for a bargain & I like Palmers goodies. I will take a look when this runs out

    1. I have heard alot of people say that. Im the same with really strong minty smells. Cant stand them.

  2. Really want to try this out but when I went to my local newagent they only had 3 eye creams so I ended getting the eye cream instead but since I’ve only heard good things about it I wasn’t overly gutted. But I still have my eyes on this lipbalm. I’m going to London this wednesday so I’ll look for it in the airport and everywhere in London. Can you telI really want it? 🙂

    ps I have my own beauty blog and would loveit if you can come over and stop by and follow if you like what you have seen/read. 🙂 Have a great day

    1. LOL – I am like that too. Once I see something & I want it I HAVE to find it. Fingers crossed you track it down it really is lovely.

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