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After reading A thrifty mrs blog on her pound shop beauty bargains I popped into my local one to see what I could find. I was quite astonished really. There were lots of goodies to be had – Revlon, Almay, Sally Hansen, Rimmel, Maybelline, Nivea, Wet n Wild and a few other brands so I calmed my beauty junkie self and limited my purchases to 3 products. I would’ve purchased a lot more. Oh yes! But I thought I’d see how I got on with these first and I didn’t want my hubby to think I was mental.

These are my £1 finds,

I’ve heard of Esprit making clothes – but not makeup. This quad has 4 neutral colours in. 3 of them are really pigmented and creamy the lightest shade not so much, but it will work well as a highlighter. I picked up the colour 202 Sunset Brown. Great little quad for a smokey eye. The packaging is good quality and slim so perfect for travelling. You get 5g of product. So fab for £1.

Next up is a lovely Rimmel Nail Polish in 350 Violet Metal. This is a really nice colour it’s a purple polish with really fine blue glitter. Its beautiful. The bottle states that this polish will last up to 10 days. This is a big claim. If I was the kind of person who kept their polish on for more than 3 days I could put it to the test. But I’m so fickle and like to change my nail colour every couple of days.

This colour really is so nice, I’m going to head back and see if there are any others. Very happy with this polish indeed.

Last up is a NYC Mosaic Face Powder in Pretty in Pink. This is a sweet colour, but not what I would use as a full on face powder. I would use it as a blush and that’s it. It’s too shimmery to be a face powder, that’s for sure. It’s a lovely dusky pink when swirled with your brush. If you use a light hand the shimmer doesn’t transfer too much. So this is OK but not something i would normally purchase

Tell me about your bargain  Pound shop finds. I will head in more often to see what I can find. It’s hit and miss but for £1 you’re not too bothered if it’s a miss.

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    1. Oh there are makeup bargains galore & I saw on Instagram today that someone found Stilla products in their Poundshop. Let me know what you find.

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