Primark Angelica Nail Polish

I braved the chaos of what is the Manchester Primark at midday on a Saturday. I know mental right!? I was on a mission to track down the Primark nail polishes. This was easier said then done as the Manchester store seems to be going through a bit of a refurb and there is a temporary store layout. Most confusing. I managed to find the nail polish stand by the lifts & i picked up 4 colours then headed for the tills (which as always took FOREVER).

I picked up 3 glitter polishes and one neon coloured polish. They had quite a variety of colours and they were all £2.50 each. I don’t know why i was shocked at the price. Well maybe shocked is slightly too strong a word but i thought they would be slightly cheaper. Although £2.50 is still a good price for a nail polish. (ramble).

The first colour Angel is a lovely light blue with pink and purple fine glitter. It’s really pretty. I only swatched one coat of these on my nail wheel and this colour came out the most light – you would need 2 coats of this really.

Next up is the neon shade I picked up in Holiday Fun. A lovely bright pink almost purple toned polish. This is a really bright fun colour.

Next up is a pink glitter called Spoilt Rotten. This looks great with just one coat.

And the last one I picked up is a darker blue with silver glitter called Altitude. The glitter in these is so fine and so it’s not a pain to remove. I have such a love – hate relationship with chunky glitter polishes. I HATE taking it off.

These are the swatches on my nail wheel, as I said they are all one coat. For a Primark nail polish i have to tell you I’m impressed. For £2.50 you get 10ml of product.

11 thoughts on “Primark Angelica Nail Polish

    1. I have heard that, it does look similar. I will have to track down the Models Own one to compare. Maybe a good dupe.

  1. Ooh I love all the shades you chose, especially the bright pinky purple shade! They look really nice for a Primark polish, but like you, I thought they’d be a little cheaper. xo

  2. Angel is a fantastic dupe for models own – indian ocean! I own both and have to say I can’t really tell the difference at all.

  3. i got some of these for early christmas presents they are really good but you should make sure you add a clear top coat as i have had these on for 3 days without a clear top coat and my nails have chipped really badly

  4. my daughter bought me the purple polish called delicious 97 for a little christmas present. It goes on really well and looks lovely. Glad I know where she got it from. I will be able to pick some up myself when I next visit a Primark.

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