Instagram Round Up Week #9

This week has been a busy one, looking for a place to live – no joy as yet but we are narrowing down the area in which we’re looking So thats a step in the right direction.

It was my hubby’s birthday on the 23rd and we met some friends for a meal & we also went out in Liverpool to say goodbye to a dear friend who is moving to Australia. I see a holiday on the horizon.

I’ve done a swap with the lovely Casey and I’ve sent her some British beauty goodies – cant say what as she hasn’t relieved her parcel yet & she kindly sent me lots of American products. Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post on this soon! I loved doing the swap it’s so exciting getting products you can’t purchase over here. I also won a blog giveaway over on Alice’s blog– she sent me so many lovely prizes. A huge box full. I will do a blog on that when i get chance. So excited to win something :o) So i have lots of new things to blog about

I’m really enjoying the Olympics too and have been trying to watch as much as I can. Especially loving the Diving and Gymnastics and have to say I have gotten right into the Beach Volleyball. Go Team GB!

Here is a roundup of my Instagram photos this week.

Physicians Formula Blush, Olympic Gingerbread Man, Fruity Tic Tacs, My cute pen drive, Wild flowers on my walk, Frozen yoghurt

My prize, Pink skikey shoes, Summer Starbucks, Primark false nails, Avon nail polish, Pound shop bargains

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