I need to Update my Skincare routine

I am 33 and for the longest time my skin has been normal, i rarely got spots or had an oily T zone. This past 4 months my skin has become like an alien. Its spotty, red & really really oily. Its horrid and i am getting fedup with it. I have been stressed lately and spending alot of time in a dry stale environment (the hospital).

I have always taken care of my skin and am not afraid or unwilling to spend money on products that work. In the past i have enjoyed using skincare products from both ends of the beauty price spectrum. Ladies i need some skincare help / advice. I need products first and foremost to combat this crazy amount of oil coming from my t zone. I am using blotting paper like a crazy person throughout the day, although this works for a short time its no way a solution.

If you have any products that have worked for you id love to hear about them. At the moment i am using alot of No7 & Garnier products.

Thanks in advance. x


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