Purple Passion

I always seem drawn to purple nail polish. I love it and have quite a few, i have took some pics of 3 i picked up this weekend. Sally’s have buy one get half off on China Glaze polish, so that was a good deal. The O.P.I polish wasn’t great value but i loved it and oood and arghhhd over it that much i had to buy it. All 3 have great coverage and although you could get away with one coat i like to build them up to intense colour & wear up to three coats. Although 2 coats would look great too.

I have tested the colours and the O.P.I ‘It’s My Year’ from the Miss Universe Collection is a Purple dual chrome polish with small green and silver glitter in. Its bloody beautiful. It goes on really well and dries super fast. So building up coats doesn’t take long. I can’t say how long it wears as i only purchased it on Thursday (today is Sat) and its still looking great on my nails so far. I may add another coat tomorrow to brighten it up.

O.P.I It's My Year

Up next is a China Glaze Polish called Awakening has a real shimmer feel to it. Its a beautiful plummy gold colour and has a real luster finish. I used two coats and that was enough.

China Glaze Awakening

Last up is another China Glaze, as i said they were buy one get half off (too good to miss right?). This colour is Jetstream its not quite a purple but id say its a plum pink. This needs 3 coats as it come out quite opaque. So if you like quite bold nails them 3 coats is a must. It has a great iridescent finish so it can also be worn over another colour to add a bit of shimmer. Its my least fave out of the three i purchased but i think i will get alot of wear out of it by layering with other colours.

China Glaze Jetstream

What colour nail polish are you loving at the moment?


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