Instagram Round Up Week #12

For half of this week we were up in Scotland seeing my dad (he had a massive stroke in December). It’s nice to spend a little time with him and see how he is progressing. It was also my Aunts birthday so we managed to see lots of family which is always nice. The other half of this week was spent trying to catch up with work and more house / flat hunting. Still trying to figure out exactly where about to live in the NW. So many nice options. So if you have any recommendations of locations in or around Manchester I would love to hear them.

The weather has been absolutely mental this week. I always seem to wear the wrong footwear. When it rains i have on flip-flops / sandals and when the sun is out i have on boots. Can’t seem to win. I’m hoping we still have some cracking Indian summer weather ahead and this isn’t the start of Autumn. I’ve too many summer clothes that haven’t seen the light of day for this to be the end of the warm weather.

Here is my weekly roundup

Driving to Scotland, Fake Moose Head, Essie Nail Treatment, Makeup, Starbucks, Stella Cidre <3

Veggie Burger, Topshop Highlighter, Witch BB cream & Serum, Tuna Salad Roll, Book I’m currently reading, Catching up on work

4 thoughts on “Instagram Round Up Week #12

  1. So sorry to hear about your dad hun, I really hope he’s on the mend now and doing well.
    What job do you do?
    I looove Stella Cidre, it’s such a perfect drink for a sunny day.
    Mel xx

    1. Thanks Mel. Its a slow recovery and I dont think he will return to work. But i guess he is still with us and thats the main thing. We need more sunny days so i can enjoy more Stella Cidre its so refreshing. I run my own online business selling badges — its called Koolbadges. I have been doing that for 5 years. I used to work at a bank.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your dad! It’s always hard dealing with suffering of family members. I learned the best thing to do is be there for them and you’re doing a great job!

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet comment. It sure is hard. But he is so determined so that makes me proud of him and I try to help wherever i can

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