Instagram Roundup #16

Its been such a fast month but I’ve finally finished all my Christmas shopping in one sitting in Manchester. I love shopping there. It has a great selection of shops and the German Christmas Market makes me feel so festive. We managed to get over super early and miss the crazy rush. It was starting to get busy as we left around 4pm.

We celebrated finishing the Christmas Shopping by going to the cinema to see The Hobbit in 2d. I can’t stand 3d as it always gives me such a headache. I really liked the film, I love The Shires & want to live there so badly. It’s the cutest place.

For the first time in 13 years me & the hubby are actually having Christmas in our house and we’re not the ones traveling hundreds of miles. All our family are coming to us at the weekend so we’re in full clean up mode & decorating the house. We’re really excited not to be travelling and be able to enjoy a festive drink.

Hope all your festive plans are coming together. I wanted to take the opportunity to Wish all my lovely readers and fellow bloggers a wonderful stress free Christmas. Last year was so different for me as my dad has a massive stroke on the 16th December and we spent Christmas in intensive care & the next 6 months in hospital so we’re determined to enjoy this year. Love to you all xx

Instagram Roundup

Festive Tea Apple & Cinnamon / REX for my Niece / Naughty Treat / Dads (fat) Cat / Christmas Radio Times / The Hobbit / Chinese Super Market Haul / BarryM Glitter Polish / YSL Xmas Giftย 


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