At this time of year I am obsessed with my house smelling festive. I think it stems from growing up in Germany and all the lovely Christmas smells just reminds me of being there. Cinnamon, fig and oranges totally remind me of Christmas and all the spicy smells too. Germany was amazing at this time of year so pretty and of course the markets were such good fun and always made me feel festive.

So I’ve bought a few Christmas candles here and there and have had them burning for a few weeks and I thought I had my house smelling as festive as can be, but it wasn’t until a trip to Next in Manchester where I found possibly THE best smelling diffuser. Now I have never used one of these and wasn’t sure how well the scent would carry around my house. But I shouldn’t have worried as it smells amazing and there is no escaping this Christmas scent. I love it.

Next NOEL Diffuser



Its called the NOEL Luxury Reed Diffuser and it is very aptly named. The liquid is red and even looks festive. I have since popped back & bought loads as gifts. I noticed that they do quite a good range of these and so might grab some non festive ones in January.

Noel Diffuser



NEXT NOEL Luxury Reed Diffuser – £12

What are you favourite Christmas Candles / Diffusers – what would you recommend?


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