I’ve Hit Pan On

I saw Essie Button do a post on ‘Products that have hit pan’ – so I dug mine out and discovered that the’re mostly face powders. There were only 6 products in my collection that  have hit pan. This must mean I don’t wear much makeup or I’ve too many products. Hmmmm I wonder which is true.

1. Mac Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NW25 – This is my goto face powder. I use it on top of my foundation to give a little extra coverage and I love the finish it gives.

2. Pixi Eyeshadow Trio in Miranda – (gutted this is almost finished). I don’t think this is even sold anymore. It’s the old style packaging and I love it too. I’ve completely used up the lightest colour and am almost done with the other 2. It’s such a nice trio and I’ve enjoyed it a lot

3. e.l.f Clarifying Pressed Powder in Rosy Beige – This is just an easy alternative to using my Mac powder. I tend to pop this in my bag if I’m going out as I don’t mind if it gets damaged. It’s a nice powder and does the job.

4. Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light to Medium Bisque – This has been a great investment and I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it. I see such a difference in my under eyes when i have this on. It really makes them a lot brighter. I will be very sad when this runs out. I really recommend this if you suffer from dark or discolouration under the eyes.

5. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealor Kit in Warm Beige – This is an OK product some days I like it and others it annoys me. I think when my under eyes are a little dehydrated then it really settled in the creases & looks bad but when my skin is OK it looks really good. I’m still undecided as to whether I’m  going to repurchase. What are your thoughts on it?

6. Benefit 10 bronzing and highlighting duo – I use this so much. It is also the only bronzer / highlighter i take on my hols. It’s an old faithful and it never lets me down. I’ve hit pan on the bronzer side but its only a matter of days until I see pan on the highlighter side too. This looks so lovely on the cheeks. I will be re purchasing this for sure.

 What products have you hit pan on?

11 thoughts on “I’ve Hit Pan On

    1. Im the same. There are too many new things to try that i never seem to finish much at all. Or even come close to finishing

  1. Loved reading this post 🙂 i have mixed emotions when i hit pan, i’m happy because i’m using up my makeup and getting my money’s worth but sad it’s almost running out haha weird i know :L
    Thank you for sending me your link on Twitter, i was going to follow but i couldn’t find a GFC button or am i going mad and just completely missed it?
    Hope you’ll take a little wonder through my blog too and enter my 1st ever blog giveaway 🙂

  2. Loved reading this and seeing what you used! I saw Essie’s post too and was tempted to do one for myself but I’m a bit worried it’ll make me feel bad that I have to much make-up and never use enough of one thing before moving on to the next! Think I’ll probably take a look tomorrow and see what I can feature 🙂 x

    1. I have so many things too & most of the items featured I’ve had for over a year. Esp the Benefit Blush Box. Ive had that for the longest time. Its so hard to use up eyeshadows and lipsticks. I never seem to get through much at all. Id love to see your post. Pop a link up when you have written it.

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