Lovely and fresh

The Body Shop Coconut Body Mist

 I first saw this Coconut Body Mist whilst in Amsterdam – I went in The Body Shop for a cheeky spray of something (as you do) & this is what I picked. I didn’t think anything of it really until about an hour later when I smelt my wrist and it had settled into a really nice fresh scent of coconut and it was lovely. I was surprised at how nice it was. It wasn’t a sickly sweet smell or overpowering. It’s a really rich smell that sits well and lasts all day.

Whilst packing my case to come home I packed my case & I could still smell the Coconut mist on the clothing id worn and it smelt so nice. I’m a huge fan of coconut and love the scent. It always appeals to me. So I had to pick up a bottle for myself – I’m really glad I did.

The Body Shop Coconut Body Mist 

I’m not normally one for body sprays I find they don’t last very long and think of them as something you use when you’re a teenager. Well I’m definitely not a teenager anymore and this Body Mist lasted all day on me. My hubby even commented that he could smell it & he liked it. So as I said I picked this on up for £7.00 which I think is a good price for 100ml and have been giving is a lot of use.

This isn’t the only Body Mist in this collection The Body Shop have release 8 scents and the only other one I’ve tried is the Shea Butter one and I liked it.  A few people on Twitter have also recommended the Mango one which i need to try but I recommend that you pop in and have a test of them  they all sound lovely.

I like it when you are pleasantly surprised by a product you may have otherwise overlooked. This is one of those products for me. I will enjoy using this, let me know if you have tried any of them – and recommend any. Id like to hear your thoughts.

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