Instagram Round Up Week #13

This has been a quick week to say the least. Although we have managed to catch up with friends at our local pub quiz. In which we came second – our highest result to date. We also had a great night out in Liverpool over the weekend re visiting some of our old haunts – I met my lovely hubby in Liverpool 13 years ago & it’s always nice to go back there.

We have also viewed a house we really like and have put an application in for it, so we really hope we get it. My belongings have been in storage over a year and I miss them. So keep your fingers crossed we get it. Should know by the end of the week.

Also the blog has had a beautiful re design, I am sure you noticed. It’s looking a lot brighter & we now have snazzy icons for Twitter, Bloglovin, Hello Cotton –> so I hope you follow us if you’re not already.

Night out in Liverpool / August Favourites / St Ives Body Scrub / Lots of Cakes / New Shoes / Cute China Tea Cups

5 thoughts on “Instagram Round Up Week #13

  1. I miss St.Ives, i dont seem to find here in India. And i absolutely love those cute china Tea cups and yes you are so pretty ^.^
    Returning your visit…

  2. man, I love that hint of your tattoo… wanna see more, it’s rad! 😉
    I didn’t know St Ives was doing body scrubs too, need to try it out!! xx

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