Lovely New Things

Before I went to Amsterdam I’d made a few purchases that I forgot to blog about. So better late than never right. These are the what I bought.

Where I lived before in Dundee they had the worst selection of MUA products on the planet. Its used to drive me mental. I so wanted to see the full collection and instead had to put up with a few things from their £1 range. This did not go down well with me. So you can imagine my delight upon moving to Manchester & discovering the most well stocked MUA stand I’ve ever seen. I was in product heaven & may of even let out a little squeal of delight when I saw it. So excited when I saw this…….

Ok so after I calmed down I picked up two MUA palettes the Undressed palette and the Heaven and Earth palette for £4 each. Both are amazing. I’m sure most of you own them by now. I’m very late to that party. From MUA I also picked up their Eye Primer which I’ve heard lots of good things about which is £2.50.

BarryM had a deal on their nail polish in Superdrug where it was 2 for £5 i picked up the shades Block Orange 301 and Pink Iridescent 264. I had to pick up the orange shade as it was jut such a POP of colour. The pink iridescent is beautiful too and looks great as a glittery top coat. You can’t really go wrong with a BarryM polish.

I also picked up a Accessorize baked eyeshadow in Golden Brown it’s a lovely copper toned colour with a little golden shimmer. It’s quite pretty. I love baked eyeshadow and blushe. I can’t get enough of them.

Then ast but not least was the DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum and i put the blame for this purchase upon Estee of Essie Button as i watched her YouTube video and she said how AMAzing it was and how long her lashes looked after using this & I though how good can this be. So I bought it in Selfridges for £23 and OMG its bloody amazing. It makes your lashes look super long and defined. I will be doing a whole blog on this little miracle worker so watch this space.

So that was my pre holiday haul – like I needed to be spending any money prior to going to Amsterdam! But I’m really pleased with all my purchases. Have you tried any of these things?


8 thoughts on “Lovely New Things

  1. Hi Vicki – nice little haul! I love the Undressed palette, great buy! And the Heaven & Earth is good too – you cant go wrong for 4 pounds. I also think the eye primer is amazing value at just £2.50 – overall, I am really happy with all my MUA buys. Looking forward to seeing your review on all these 🙂

  2. I got the Undresssed and Going for GOld palette when they’ve done their code recently and I’ve become obsessed with them. Thrown out my now dead lauder palette that I’ve been scrapping the last sparkle from.

  3. That Barry M orange nail varnish looks awesome, are you going to review it? Looks like a dupe of the models own beach party! I may have to try it myself 🙂 x

    1. Yes i took photos of it yesterday to write a review. Its lovely a really vibrant colour. I havent tried the Models Own one. Might have to pop in to Boots to see how similar they are.

    1. I know both the Dundee branches only stock the MUA £1 range. Its SO frustrating. I picked mine up in Manchester. Also BarryM do the nicest polish, such a variety of colours.

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