Shakeup Cosmetics

Introducing Shakeup Cosmetics, a skincare brand that up to this point has largely been male focused. I think most skincare can be unisex, and this brand intrigued me as it is a good price point, its range is concise and I liked the look of the sleek green packaging. So I was game to put it to the test.

Their product range includes everything you need for a skincare routine, daily face wash, clarifying toner, serum, moisturiser as well as some great extras for a little more pampering, clay mask, volumising lip gel and even a face mist. I also noticed that they offer makeup in the way of a BB Cream and Under Eye Concealer.

Shakeup Skincare

All their range is as male skincare & makeup, but I have been testing out 3 of their core skincare products and I just wanted to let you know how I found them.

Shakeup Cosmetics Face4ward Daily Face Wash £12

I found this to be quite gentle, fragrance free and although it did not remove my mascara I thought the formula was hydrating & it didn’t leave my skin feeling tight. I think as a first cleanse (if you wear makeup) this is a nice, simple option that will help refresh your skin and remove dirt and environmental pollutants. I was surprised at just how many skin loving ingredients it has, considering its affordable price tag!

Willow Bark Extract: Aids cell regeneration to reveal a clearer complexion. A natural source of salicylates can help to clear pores, alleviate acne and even skin tone.

Fruit AHA Complex: Stimulates skin cell renewal. Gently exfoliates to penetrate dead skin cells, smooth skin and improve the appearance of dark spots.

Aquaxyl™: Boosts circulation of moisture throughout all skin layers. As a super hydrator, moisturising and healing benefits protect against damage to your skin barrier.

Shakeup Skincare products

Shakeup Skincare Face 4ward Clarifying Toner £15

I have been using this product every other day, it helps to keep your skin looking fresh and radiant by exfoliating the dead, dull skin away using glycolic acid and fruit AHA complex. A great step in your skincare routine, if you like your skin to have that glowing, velvety smooth appearance.

Glycolic Acid: Speeds up skin cell turnover rate. As a natural exfoliant, it can help brighten skin, prevent ingrown hairs and reduce pores.

Witch Hazel Extract: Aids in relieving inflammation, especially great for razor bumps. It acts as an astringent for sensitive skin, which means it helps fight acne, shrink your pores and combat skin conditions.

Shakeup Skincare Moisuriser Stick

Shakeup Skincare Moisturiser Stick £15

Out of the 3 products I tried, this was the one that I liked the least. I thought it was a fab concept, great to take to the gym or travelling, the stick formula is compact and fuss free. For my skin the level of hydration just wasn’t enough, my husband on the other hand thought it was great. He liked that it wasn’t greasy or heavy and that it was easy/quick to apply.

Cucumber Extract: Hydrates and soothes your skin. Its calming properties can help to reduce irritation, puffiness, and inflammation.

Hyaluronic Acid: Increases hydration on the surface of your skin. Having hydrated skin reduces the appearance of wrinkles, redness and smooths skin texture.

Vitamin E: Strengthens your skin’s natural barrier. As an antioxidant, moisturising and healing benefits prevent damage to skin cells.

Witch Hazel: Aids in relieving inflammation, especially great for razor bumps.
It acts as an astringent for sensitive skin, which means it helps fight acne, shrink your pores and combat skin conditions.

Shakeup Cosmetics are vegan and cruelty free, and although the brand is primarily targeting men, many of their products are also great for female skin. I do like that men’s makeup and skincare are becoming more mainstream and that brands are providing an entire skincare routine and not just a simple moisturiser!

*this post contains PR samples

Discovering New Beauty Brands in 2016

Trying New Beauty Brands

For me 2016 was the year of trying out brands and products I’d never used before. I was not only introduced to brands I had never heard of before but also given the chance to test out products that had been on my wish list for a while.

A few didn’t live up to expectations but I’m pleased to say most of them have become firm favourites. I thought I would share some of the ones that stood out to me. I am very much looking forward to trying more new brands this year and have a few on my radar already.

Pureology Haircare

Pureology Haircare

I had wanted to try this brand for the longest time as I’d only heard positive reviews from bloggers whose opinions I really trust. I was thrilled that the FULFYL haircare system that I tried out lived up to my expectations and my Mum even went out and purchased it for herself too. This particular range is formulated for colour treated hair and it protects your colour from fading whilst keeping your hair strong, nourished and looking super glossy. I am obsessed with it and the hair colour I used on my hair this year stayed vibrant for the longest time, I 100% put it down to using this trio.

NIOD Skincare


Again I was excited to try this brand and I have to say its one of my favourite skincare discoveries of 2016. NIOD are a relatively new brand to the market but don’t overlook them on that count, they’re a brand that are pushing the envelope of ingredients and producing products that are fuss free, effective and pretty damn cool. Everything from their production & packaging right down to the products themselves are progressive. I have tried out a couple of their offerings this year but this Mud Mask has changed my life – well my skin. It has restored my skins radiance and I’ve certainly had fewer blemishes which pleases me greatly. I will be purchasing a lot more from them in 2017 and also trying a few products from their sister company The Ordinary.

Mac Palette Dupe

W7 Summer Nights Eyeshadow Palette

This is a budget brand that has always intrigued me, they are quite renowned for producing dupes and when I saw this MAC Burgundy Times Nine Palette dupe on MissMakeupMagpie blog I knew I had to try it. I love neutral palettes and this 9 pan palette has become a firm favourite. I’ve used it so much these past few months and if you are able to track it down (its like gold dust) then I urge you to snap it up. Its super pigmented, wearable and affordable, what more do you want!?

BRYT Skincare

BRYT Skincare 

This was a new British skincare company that I was introduced to this year but they mainly cater for younger skin and I’m certainly not in that bracket anymore. Nevertheless their skincare is gentle and although rich its not greasy or too heavy. I did enjoy trying out these three products, but I need something that offers more lift, tightening and hydration. BRYT seem to be ticking all the boxes when is comes to delivering affordable, ethical and botanical premium skincare. So if you’re under 25 then make sure you check them out. How cute and bright is their packaging too!

Skin Chemist Snail Serum Skincare

skinChemists Skincare 

This is quite a luxury brand which has a very modern minimal feel to its branding and packaging. I have enjoyed the products I have tried from them, especially the snail eye cream which I thought was very gentle and nourishing. It was very lightweight and felt cooling around my eye area, also my concealer applied so well over this. I have been using a few products from their Caviar range too but It’s still early days, so keep an eye out for a full review soon.

Ooh! Oils Cacay Facial Oil

Ooh! Oils of Heaven 

I adore using facial oils and love how versatile they are, these two from Ooh! have been a pleasure to use. The Cacay Oil was my favourite of the two and I mostly use this as part of my evening skincare routine but I do mix a little with my serum during the day of my skin is looking lacklustre. It helps to keep my skin looking radiant and hydrated and is great at reducing scaring and uneven skint one. This particular Oil has a high content of vitamin A, vitamin E and Linoleic Acid (omega-6) which have effective results in skincare.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette-One-

Blank Canvas Cosmetics

Another brand I had never heard of before trying this palette but I have learnt that they have a huge following, especially in Ireland which is where this brand is from. They produce high quality makeup brushes and also a range of makeup products. The eyeshadow palette didn’t completely WOW me but I did like quite a few of the shades and think they are a brand to keep an eye on. The double ended brush that came with the palette was incredible quality and Its made me want to try a few more from their huge range.

What brands did you try for the first time in 2016, any firm favourites that you would recommend?