Biza Beauty Lock-in

Last Thursday I was treated to an evening in the newly refurbished Radisson Blu at Manchester Airport as well as a beauty lock in at World Duty Free / Biza. A beauty lock in, isn’t that every beauty addicts dream?

Biza Beauty Lock in

Radisson Blu Manchester AirportThis Works Hotel ProductsHotel Breakfast

The newly refurbished Business Class Suites are beautiful & have everything you’d expect of a luxurious hotel such as bathrobe and slippers, free high-speed wireless Internet access, mini bar, Nespresso® coffee maker and a selection of This Works products (which were lovely). The Business Class Suites also offer exclusive access to the Business Class Lounge situated on level 9, between 07:00 – 21:00 you can relax and enjoy complimentary soft drinks, teas and coffees are available throughout the day and light snacks in the evening. The Lounge also has views over the runway so if you’re a plane buff you will be able to relax and watch the aircraft taking off & landing.

Biza Beauty Lock In

At the Beauty Lock in at Manchester airport we learnt all about the beauty brands they stocked and treatments they offer. I was so surprised at just how many products they had for sale & so many big name brands.

Gone are the days where you only bought perfume as you were rushing through the airport, they now offer a whole passenger experience. Once you clear security you’re greeted by familiar & luxurious brands such as Jo Malone, Bobbi Brown, Clarins, Mac, YSL and Benefit. It feels like you’re in the beauty hall of a department store but they have so many duty free exclusive products that you can only get your hands on at the airport. Not only are you able to shop some amazing brands but you’re also able to take advantage of all the beauty services Manchester Airport now offer, there is a whole menu of treatments and services & they are all complimentary. These are a great way to relax before your flight and an excellent way to be introduced to a brand.

Jo Malone Manchester AirportJo Malone Christmas

We started our beauty lock in at Jo Malone who share a stand alone unit with Bobbi Brown, so two beautiful luxurious brands in one shop. They both offer beauty services and I was treated to a Jo Malone hand and arm massage which was lovely. You’re able to pick out your favourite scents and they use them in your massage. I love Jo Malone products and after having used it in my massage I now want their Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne, it smells incredible.

Clarins also have their own store at Manchester Airport and they have so many Travel Exclusive Sets which are a great way of getting value for money as well as owning something that isn’t available outside of the airport. The staff are so friendly and offer some great beauty services, such as 5 Minute Morning Makeup, Hand & Arm Massage and  Instant Radiance Plus. They’re a great way of getting pampered and starting your holiday at the airport.

Clarins Store Manchester Airport

The main Biza shopping area is home to so many brands & its huge. They have so many beauty counters and products, its a real treat and wonderful place to shop. I spotted so many of my favourite brands and a few that were new to me too. I had no idea they sold Glamglow, L’Occitane & OPI. This is one well stocked beauty department.

Beauty Brands at Manchester AirportYSL Counter Manchester Airport

Sisley, Lancome, Bobbi Brown, Dior and Creme De LaMer all offer complimentary beauty services and to learn more click here I will be making sure next time I jet away on holiday I have enough time to enjoy the shopping & beauty services on offer. I have my eye on the Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Makeup Lesson. Sounds great!

Please note that all beauty services are free and subject to availability.

Haig Club Whiskey BarBobbi Brown Manchester Airport

I have flown from Manchester a few times but I had never noticed just how extensive the beauty shopping was, I was pleasantly surprised at both the range of affordable brands and also your more luxurious brands. Manchester has stepped up its game & it felt like I was in a high end department store not an airport, although the purse friendly duty free pricing was very tempting. Sadly because we weren’t flying anywhere we couldn’t take advantage of the offers or the airport exclusives but I’m going to shop twice as hard next time I go on holiday.

It was strange being airside and not actually travelling. I had a fun evening meeting all the staff at each counter & they made us very welcome and pampered. They really do make the airport a destination & somewhere you want to relax, so let me know if you make use of the services they now offer! Remember they’re all free.

Before heading back to our rooms we all had nibbles and drinks in the hotel bar. It was so nice to meet some new faces & catchup with some lovely ladies.

*My stay at the Radisson Blu was complimentary and I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.

April Purchases

It has been a while since I treated myself, since moving I’ve had to adjust to having a lot less space and as a result I’ve been trying to use up products before repurchasing new ones and one the whole I’ve been doing well. Im getting creative with my storage solutions & how I organise my makeup. I thought I would share with you what I’ve bought over the past few weeks.

MUJI Acrylic Storage MUJI Acrylic Storage

After much procrastination & whilst I had a hire car I visited MUJI at The Trafford Centre to buy some of their infamous Acrylic Storage. Its not a full MUJI shop but a concession in Selfridges. They do have a good selection of the storage however so I was pleased as punch. I didn’t want to go OTT buying lots, as I do like to store my makeup in a few different ways. It took me ages to finally pick the Narrow 2 Drawer & Wide 5 DrawerI’m taking my time to organise them and the products you can see stored in them isn’t how they will stay.

I love them and like how tidy and pretty they look on my dresser, I will be showing you how I organise them when I make a final decision on what to put in which drawer. Its a time consuming task, but I am looking forward to it.

April Treats April Purchases

Next up I went to John Lewis armed with some Vouchers I won in Sandra from The Black Peal’s giveaway back in December & I bought the gorgeous Clarins Skin Perfecting BB Cream SPF25 and their Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base in Champagne. I adore them both. I’d tried a sample of the BB Cream and had my heart set on buying it. These make a very good duo, I have a feeling they will be my Spring/Summer go to bases. They make my skin look healthy and so smooth. Its love.

Eyeshadow Quad

I seem to have an addiction to neutral eyeshadow quads/quints. I have bought a few this year but these two are the newest additions to my collection and they are NYC Cupcakes & Coffee Quad and Maybelline Big Eyes in Luminous Brown. I’m yet to use these but when I do I will let you know what I think.

I also bought 3 nail polishes from Poundland, utter bargains. Rimmel Lasting Finish in Strawberry Fizz – its a pretty girly pink. Maybelline Forever Strong in Dark Denim – this is a deep blue and lastly Revlon Scented Perfume in Raspberry Scone – this is a purple toned pink, it’s meant to be scented but I can’t make out a scent. All 3 colours are very pretty.

Nail Polish


Lastly I went a little crazy for Babylips in B&M, £1.20 each I couldn’t leave them. I think they’re from China / Japan. I haven’t opened them yet so I’m not to sure what flavours I bought. I will try and find out.

So they’re all my April purchases. Have you treated yourself to any new makeup/skincare in April? Let me know & also let me know if you have spotted any bargains, I love hearing about them.

Combating Blemishes

I suffer from the odd blemish and like everyone I try to stop them appearing and getting too red and angry. So I have a few products which help me keep my skin clean and keep the blemishes at bay.

Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine

Pixi Glow Tonic

Pixi Glow Tonic

This is a great chemical exfoliator with Glycolic Acid, which helps keep the skin very clean and reduces the dark marks left by old blemishes. This product breaks down and removes the dead skin to keep your skin looking bright and radiant. It is alcohol free which means it doesn’t dry your skin out. I use this everyday in the morning and love it.

Origins Clear Improvement Mask

This is a charcoal mask is also great if you have oily skin. It is really good at cleaning out your pores & removing any bacteria build up. It dries quite tight on your skin but doesn’t dry it out. My skin gets a little congested around my chin and find this mask is good to help clear that up. It’s a good mask to use once a week to give your skin a deep clean and draw out all the impurities.

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil

This is good for Oily & Blemish prone skin as the oil helps calm skin, tighten pores and locks in moisture. I find this oil very calming on my skin and it keeps my hormonal breakouts to a minimum, my blemishes tend not to be as sore. I use this oil at least 3 times a week at night and two drops are all I need. I massage the oil all over my face and find it takes about 5 minutes to absorb into my skin. Since using this my skin is more radiant and my old blemish scars are reduced. I love the scent of this too its botanical and really relaxing.

Murad Clarifying Cleanser

This helps my skin go back to basics, it gives my face a really clean feel with out drying it out. It is a gel cleanser which gives your skin a very deep clean. It removes dead skin and bacteria build up and unclogs your pores. It smells a little medicated but I still find it gentle enough on my skin. I like to use this if I’ve been wearing my makeup up for a long time. This cleanser also has  salicylic acid in and so helps to reduce blemishes. This is well worth adding to your routine if you suffer from breakouts.

Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer*

This is aimed at people whose skin is experiencing the signs of stress (I know mine is). It is also geared towards skin that’s showing signs of fatigue and that is becoming dull. This is my skin in a nutshell, I’m stressed and that makes my skin stressed and I get more breakouts.

This moisturiser works well to calm redness and improve uneven skin tone, I find using this helps keep my skin look fresh and gives it a good boost of hydration too. This contains Rosa Gallica which helps calm inflammation and also Chamomile which is very gentle and soothing.  This Skin Rescuer can be used day or night which is good and I really think its helping reduce my redness and keep my skin looking more radiant.

Bath & Body Works Island Nectar Pocket Bac

Before I put any skincare or make up on my face I always use a hand sanitiser as I hate the thought of transferring any dirt or bacteria on to my skin, which can lead to breakouts. So this is a step I never miss, it is so important to keep our hands clean. It is a simple step but one so many people forget. I find these B&BW ones smell amazing and are a little more enjoyable to use.

So these are a few of the products I use to keep my skin clean and reduce the amount of breakouts I get. Are there any products you rely on to keep your skin blemish free?

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

I have just returned from a 5 day trip to Scotland. I packed light and one thing I didn’t take with me was my beloved Clarins Lotus Oil. It’s quite a bulky glass bottle and I didn’t want it getting damaged. So I left it behind and am regretting that decision. As my skin is so angry at me for not using it. I’ve a couple of super sore spots and my skin isn’t looking as fresh as before my trip.

Clarins Lotus Oil

I’ve been using the Lotus Oil for about 7 weeks now and my skin just drinks this stuff up. The Clarins lady in the Liverpool John Lewis (who was lovely) said this oil was great for combination / Oily skin that’s acne prone & that sums me right up. I wasn’t always acne prone it seems that my 30’s have brought about a real change in my skin. The Clarins Oil has been helping keep my skin hydrated and the acne at bay. Especially the really big sore spots – they’re almost non-existent whist using this. The Oil helps to balance my skin. It keeps my Oily T Zone under control and gives enough moisture to my dehydrated areas too. This its quite the miracle oil.

Clarins Lotus Oil

I use this 3 – 4 times a week at night, it’s a ritual I look forward too. This Lotus Oil smells amazing and after I massage it into my skin it leaves it feeling smooth and hydrated. In the morning I wake up to bright, fresh younger looking skin and I like that. I can’t recommend this enough. It comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a pip-pet dispenser, I like this method as you don’t waste any. I use two drops and that’s plenty. The Oil warms up in your hands and is so easy to massage in, the two drop may not look like enough to cover your face but believe me it really is.

I paid £29 from John Lewis and think its great value for money.

This is a product that feels luxurious and is worth the price tag. I’ve seen great results and the fact that my skin is looking sorry for itself as I didn’t take it with me to Scotland shows me that it’s a necessary part of my night-time routine and I won’t be leaving it at home again.  Have you tried any of the Clarins Face Treatment Oils?