Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

I have just returned from a 5 day trip to Scotland. I packed light and one thing I didn’t take with me was my beloved Clarins Lotus Oil. It’s quite a bulky glass bottle and I didn’t want it getting damaged. So I left it behind and am regretting that decision. As my skin is so angry at me for not using it. I’ve a couple of super sore spots and my skin isn’t looking as fresh as before my trip.

Clarins Lotus Oil

I’ve been using the Lotus Oil for about 7 weeks now and my skin just drinks this stuff up. The Clarins lady in the Liverpool John Lewis (who was lovely) said this oil was great for combination / Oily skin that’s acne prone & that sums me right up. I wasn’t always acne prone it seems that my 30’s have brought about a real change in my skin. The Clarins Oil has been helping keep my skin hydrated and the acne at bay. Especially the really big sore spots – they’re almost non-existent whist using this. The Oil helps to balance my skin. It keeps my Oily T Zone under control and gives enough moisture to my dehydrated areas too. This its quite the miracle oil.

Clarins Lotus Oil

I use this 3 – 4 times a week at night, it’s a ritual I look forward too. This Lotus Oil smells amazing and after I massage it into my skin it leaves it feeling smooth and hydrated. In the morning I wake up to bright, fresh younger looking skin and I like that. I can’t recommend this enough. It comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a pip-pet dispenser, I like this method as you don’t waste any. I use two drops and that’s plenty. The Oil warms up in your hands and is so easy to massage in, the two drop may not look like enough to cover your face but believe me it really is.

I paid £29 from John Lewis and think its great value for money.

This is a product that feels luxurious and is worth the price tag. I’ve seen great results and the fact that my skin is looking sorry for itself as I didn’t take it with me to Scotland shows me that it’s a necessary part of my night-time routine and I won’t be leaving it at home again.  Have you tried any of the Clarins Face Treatment Oils?