March Empties 2014 Pt2


Soap & Glory Foam Call Body Wash 500ml for £6.50 – these big bottles last for ages! I really liked using this and will be getting another one. I used it in the bath as I found it great for shaving my legs, very moisturising and is lathers up well too. We all know how sweet and lovely S&G products smell so I won’t go on about that but this was really nice to use & lasted me months.

balance Me Super Toning Body Wash 100ml for £9.00 – I really like this for in the shower as its more luxurious and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I have been through a couple of these and would repurchase it over and over again. Its a perfect uplifting morning shower gel

Merumaya Luxury Face Wash* 100ml for £14.50 – Another wonderful product from Merumaya, this introduced me to the double cleanse and I haven’t looked back. I used this before their Melting Cleansing Balm and it keeps my skin blemish free, clean and looking bright. I have fallen for this brand in a big way as most of you already know.

Pixi Glow Tonic 250ml for £16.00 – I was sad when this ran out as I noticed they have since changed the packaging and I really like the pump on this as you don’t waste any product. The product itself I found to be a very good brightening toner, it worked well for me to clear old blemish scars and keep my skin looking its best. For the price I can’t fault it. I went down to using it a few times a week in the evening and that worked best for me

TRESemme Argan Oil Straightening Spray 250ml for £4.99 – I don’t often use heat on my hair but over the past few months I’ve used this spray when I needed to straighten my hair. I used it on damp hair after applying my hair oil. I’m not 100% sure this was all that effective as I still had quite a few flyaway hairs and this is also meant to control frizz also after a couple of months it didn’t spray very well. Not overly impressed. I wouldn’t buy this again

March Empties

Nivea Express Hydration Primer 50ml for  £3.33 – I was quite surprised at how good this was as both a primer and a moisturiser. I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis so this tub lasted me almost a year, as I only used it when I wore makeup. It’s very hydrating but not greasy, I’ve enjoyed using it and would repurchase it. It is very budget friendly.

Dove Shape Up Firming Body Cream 250ml for £3.99- It took me ages to use this up as I really didn’t like it. It was very sticky and I could feel it on my skin hours after applying it. I don’t think it helped firm my skin in any way. Not a nice body lotion at all.

No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream 40ml for £13.50 – By accident I got the Normal / Dry skin formula & I have quite an oily t zone but I have to say this still worked well on me. I love the coverage and the finish of this. It isn’t too sheer and it gives a very nice glow to the skin. Its one of my favourite bases, especially on those day’s when I only want a touch of coverage. This makes me look alive & evens out my complexion. I really like it. Whenever I have a No7 voucher I stock up on these.

Moroccan Oil Extra Volume Shampoo (travel size)* 70ml for £6.85-  I used up the conditioner from this set too but seem to have thrown it away. I preferred the shampoo on its own as when I used the conditioner too my hair felt weighed down. The shampoo did give me volume from the roots and my curls looked bouncy and healthy. This was a lovely shampoo but not sure I would repurchase. I think almost £7 is expensive for such a small bottle.

Clarins Lotus Facial Oil Treatment 30ml for £32.00 – I have to say I shed a tear when I used the last drop of this, it has been one of my favourite skin care discoveries for a long time. It really helped with my combination skin, my t zone was less oily and my stubborn blemishes cleared up much faster when I used this at night. It is such a hydrating and balancing oil. When I get the money I will be repurchasing it & hope I can do so before my skin misses it. So if you suffer from oily skin I highly recommend adding this to your skincare regime

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.

Lots of Lotions


I suffer from very dry skin all year round but like most people it’s a little worse as the weather gets colder. These are the four body lotions / butters I have been using.

Nip & Fab Mango Smoothie Dry Skin Fix Body Butter 200ml

I am sad to say this scent has been discontinued but Nip & Fab have released lots of new scents that sound amazing. This Mango one smells fresh and fruity. Its a thick orange butter that takes some massaging in but its worth the effort as this leaves my skin silky smooth, smelling fresh and keeps it hydrated.

Dove Shape Up Firming Body Cream 250ml £3.99

I have quite a few wobbly bits so not too sure how well this is firming me up but I don’t ever think a cream can do too much in that department. I think exercise is the only true way of toning. But this lotion is good for keeping my skin feeling smooth and isn’t as thick as the body butters. It is easy to apply but takes some time to sink in, it has a light floral scent but nothing overpowering. I wouldn’t apply this in the morning or you will be left feeling a little sticky. I do like this lotion but not sure it is at the top of my list to re purchase.

Body Lotions

Soap & Glory Butter Yourself 300ml £10.50

Always a firm favourite for lots of people, you get a hefty pot and this stuff seems to last me a very long time. Its good for slapping all over the body and I love using it when I have shaved my legs. I am sure you know it smells lovely and sweet. These tubs make lovely Christmas gifts and I always have one or two under the tree each year.

& Other Stories Fig Fiction Body Lotion 350ml £7

By far the best body lotion I have ever used. Big claims! It is true, I love love love the packaging. The pump makes it easy to use & hygienic. The lotion is quite thin and absorbs quickly, it is hydrating and can I just take a moment to tell you how incredible it smells. It’s Fig scent is so luxurious and grown up, i am obsessed with it. I can smell it on my skin throughout the day & I keep meaning to buy the body spray they sell in this same scent. I am excited at the mere thought of owning that. If you get a chance to visit the & Other Stories Store in London then you must smell this Fig range! Adore this lotion – that is all.

New Purchases

I picked up a couple of things one is a repeat purchase (Garnier) whilst the other two items are new for me. I am a sucker for buying things I really don’t need, like the Dove Body Lotion – I seriously have four body lotions to use up & I saw this was new and thought “Oh I have to try that” and was sucked right in. When will I learn?

Trying a few new things

The Garnier Eye Makeup Remover £2.99 for 150ml is a repeat purchase, I really like it. My eyes are really sensitive and there are quite a few products that I can’t use are they irritate my eyes. This Garnier one is very gentle and is great at removing all my mascara and eyeliner. I do cleanse afterwards too but I like to remove the bulk of it before I do and this works well. It smells lovely and clean – not sure it smells of grape, I’d say more of cucumbers but either way its nice. I wish it came in a larger bottle that’s my only gripe

I seem to collect body lotions and this Dove Shape Up one has been added to my collection. I do apply body lotion every day as I have really dry skin on my legs, I blame this crappy miserable weather for that. I bought this Dove Shape Up Firming Body Cream whilst is was half price in Boots, so I paid £2 for 250ml – full price is £3.99. It claims to be firming but lets face it nothing really firms other than exercise. I am under no illusions that my wobbly bits will be vanishing anytime soon. This is a very nice consistency and really moisturises my dry areas so that is fine with me.

The Muji Eyelash Curlers £4.50 were my last purchase and one that I was a little too excited for. I have been using my No7 eyelash curlers for the longest time and I hardly ever used them. I have quite small eyes and these eyelash curlers were far too big for me and I didn’t know the benefits of having ones that actually dud their job. Now I have these Muji ones I curl my lashes every single day, yes I am one of those women who have been introduced to the world of kick ass curlers!!! I am in love with these little beauties and they were a complete bargain. I will never be without them and highly recommend them if you’re suffering with second-rate ones that don’t even fit your eye let alone curl your lashes.

I need a lie down after that declaration of love. Have you tried any of the products I bought? If so let me know what you thought of them.