Kaffe Fassett Collection for Heathcote & Ivory

Kaffe Fassett Handcream Trio

Kaffe Fassett Products

Kaffe Fassett Collection for Heathcote & Ivory

So this year Heathcote and Ivory have teamed up with Kaffe Fassett for the latest collection called ‘Achillea’ and I think these products make just the sweetest gifts (especially with Xmas just around the corner). Kaffe Fassett is one of the world’s greatest practitioners of contemporary design, his passion for colour, his fascination with texture and his love of flowers have all found expression in an extraordinary body of work that includes textile design, knitwear, needlepoint, rugs, garden design, mosaics, ceramics and painting so this collaboration with Heathcote & Ivory is pretty exciting, the patterns are bold and the classic Achillea scent is beautiful and timeless.

Kaffe Fassett Handcream Trio

The collection includes a line of body products including hand creams, body washes and body lotions which are all beautifully packaged in the bold bright floral design. The collection also has some gift sets and a gorgeous cosmetics bag and drawer liners and beautiful candles. So the collection is pretty big and has a great selection of products to keep for yourself or for gifts for the women in your life.

I have been using 3 products from this Kaffe Fassett Collection for Heathcote & Ivory and have really enjoyed them.

Kaffe Fassett Collective Hand Creams*

Which come packaged in a lovely box with a pretty floral pattern and you get 3 good handbag sized hand creams. Each hand cream comes in a squeeze tube with a different colourful floral pattern, all three are feminine and very pretty, The scent is the same for all three and is has the Uplifting scents of bergamot, orange blossom, musk and oleander. So not overly floral and the scent of Bergamot is slightly masculine which I really like.

It leaves my hands smelling great and feeling soft and nourished too. These creams have some great skincare ingredients to help keep your hands feeling smooth and looking their best. Using Active levels of honey and rise, enriching sea butter and pro-B5 blended together to give your hands a real treat. These creams also has sunflower seed oil which helps keeps your hands hydrated and slows the flow of water from the skin.

I have passed a tube on to my mum and she loves the scent too.

Kaffe Fassett Make Up Bag

Kaffe Fassett Heathcote Ivory Collection

Also, I think the stand out piece from the collection in my opinion is this beautiful Cosmetics Bag*. The pink is so detailed and pretty, it makes me feel like its Summer when I use this. The quality is incredible and you can fit all the makeup and skincare you need for a long weekend. I like that the top opens up wide so you can find exactly what you need quickly because it has a structure frame opening. Its also lined with bright pink material which is OK with me!

Kaffe Fassett Makeup Bag

I was also sent some Scented Drawer Liners* from the collection which I didn’t open for a while because I just thought who uses them any more but curiosity got the better of me & to my surprise they smelt so good. Its the same scent as the hand creams with notes of bergamot, orange blossom, musk and oleander. I must admit I was a little quick to judge, I do still think drawer liners are quite an old-fashioned product but I have put a couple in my laundry basket and my bathroom smells a lot better. I wouldn’t rush out to purchase them myself but if you know someone that uses them these Kaffe Fassett ones do smell very good.

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However, if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.