Exploring Cornwall Week #10

Cornish Cafe Truro

Sunset in Charlestown Cornwall

Fowey High Street Cornwall

River Fowey Cornwall

Crinnins Beach Cornwall

Carlyon Bay Beach Cornwall

Charlestown Harbourside Cottages

Sunnyside Cottage Cornwall

Pink Cottage Charlestown Harbour

VIllage Craft Fair

Colourful Houses Truro Cornwall

Cornish Cafe Truro

Exploring Cornwall Series

I have missed a few weeks of my Cornwall posts, since returning home from Scotland back in June we have been busy, busy with work and in all honesty until recently the weather has been pretty pants. When we do have a nice day we try and make the most of it, this Summer the nice days seem to feel few and far between.

We have kept our days out very local lately visiting Fowey, Truro, Falmouth and our local village (Charlestown). We do love a pretty harbour town and along the South Coast of Cornwall, we are quite spoilt for choice. So we tend to head out for walks along the coastal paths & end up in a harbour – wishing we lived in one of the sweet cottages that line them.

Big news (for Cornwall) a beautiful new Waitrose opened in Truro and they have a lovely separate shop dedicated to Cornish produce and its so nice, they also have a Cornish cafe serving locally sourced produce too. So we have been doing much of our shopping there and stopping for lunch too.

Cornwall is getting busy with Summer holiday visitors so every journey takes so much longer, so that is another reason we are staying closer to home. Our local beach has some cute pop-up restaurants, cafe’s and a small outdoor theatre, it feels like you are on the Mediterranean coast and we have been spending many an evening down there sipping cocktails & enjoying the sunshine. The water is still too cold for me but lots of people are getting out in the sea and I have seen people doing Yoga classes down on the beach too. I feel lucky having such a nice beach so close by & plan on spending as much time down there as possible.

I hope you’re all having a lovely Summer so far, maybe some of you are planning a visit to Cornwall this year?

Cheerz – Print Your Digital Photos

Instagram Cheerz Photos

La Boîte å Photos from Cheerz

Cheerz is French company who love nothing more than to bring your digital pictures to life. Their products are a great way of printing your photos and they have so many fun and creative ways of doing that. I think it’s nice to have photos as a memory and if you’re like me I hardly ever get them printed these days.

With Cheerz you can print photos from your Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox or Camera Roll so you can select your favourites, upload them and pick how you want them printed. I picked photos from my Instagram feed and I’m so happy with how they came out.

I opted for the La Boîte a Photos* as it looked like a great way of being creative and I have always wanted to display my photos like this from cute string with mini pegs & this box gives you all the supplies that you need & if you’re feeling extra crafty/creative you can add a little extra flair with supplies you have at home. It’s that easy!

1. Choose 40 of your favourite photos
2. Customise them with cropping and filters
3. Receive your DIY home decorating kit
4. Let your creative juices flow!

Instagram Photos from Ceerz

You get a box full of treats including 40 photos which are incredible quality and very glossy. A sweet bag of mini wooden pegs, cute red and white string, washi tape and photo corners. It really is a great DIY project.

Instagram Cheerz Photos

Get creative with your Instagram-photos

Next up I picked the Strip Photos*, these look like the kind you used to get in the old school photo booths. I thought they would make great bookmarks or frame on my desk.

Cheerz Stip Photos

Instagram Prints from Cheerz

1. Select up to 40 photos (4 photos per strip)
2. Customise your strips with border colours and filters
3. Add some text
4. Receive them all in a cute little envelope

These were so easy & quick to make – I tried to theme my strips so I have one with Amsterdam photos on, one with Cornwall photos, Christmas in Scotland, family & one with Liverpool photos on. I love how well these came out, the quality is perfect and they look bright and glossy.

Get your Instagrams printed from Cheerz

Each strip is 9.8”(20cm) long and 1.8″(5cm) wide, containing 4 photos, each 1.6×1.6” (4x4cm). The strips are printed on high-quality matte paper and can be customised with orientation, border colour, filters, cropping and text to make them unique to you.

The prints come beautifully packaged and presented, I found the site very easy to use and I loved their selection of products. You have such a great choice of products from the standard Polaroid-style photos to the more fancy photo albums. Your prints feel luxurious and are printed in incredible quality. I was very pleased with the two products I picked and they were delivered within 2 days (and that was during the busy Xmas period).

Cheerz Photo Options

You can use the Cheerz app via the App Store or Google Play Store I used the Cheerz website which was easy to navigate & very quick to use. I have been impressed with the service from start to finish & I am already planning on using them for a few birthday presents over the next few months.

Why not print some of your memories & have them to keep. I think photos always make such a beautiful gift too, no matter what time of year and Cheerz have some really creative options for you. I have a discount code for you that will give you £4 off your first order. Use the code VICITK at checkout.

*PR Sample

Cornwall Week #4

There hasn’t been too much time for exploring this past week but we did manage to head a couple of miles up the road to visit Lostwithiel which is a really small village with so many antique shops. My dad would love it there. The weather wasn’t that good but we still managed to have a good look and I’m now lusting after so many antique dressers and kitchen tables, it might develop into an expensive addiction

Duchy Coffee Shop Cornwall

Beautiful Cornish Village

Autumn in Cornwall

Cornish Cottages

Antique Shopping Cornwall

Sunnyside Cottage Charlestown

Harbourside in Charlestown

Seaside Sunset

The shops down here are limited to say the least, well I am used to shopping in Manchester so I’m becoming quite the online shopping master. Although my postman isn’t as impressed with my skills!

I’m really enjoying exploring Cornwall and if you have any suggestions of places I must see then let me know.

Workspace Inspiration

I work from home & my desk / workspace needs to be functional, I spend more time than I’d like to admit sat at my desk and over the past few weeks I have been thinking of giving this area a makeover. I love to look at how other people style & organise their study, workshops & desks so I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you.

Wooden Desk

1 / 2

I love the exposed floorboards in both photos & I really like the wooden legs on the desks, I know that wood will play a part in my office space and currently have an old school desk as my computer desk. My husbands dad rescued it years ago when a local School was throwing them all away. I might give it a coat of white paint just to give it a little life & make it look fresh and bright.

Art Work


I love having inspirational art work, photos & objects in my office. Things that are pretty to look at & that also hold memories, its nice to have an inspirational space. I have so many prints and photos that need to be framed. To find & spray paint some frames is one of my goals for the first half of 2015. Lets see how that works out.

Storage Solutions

5 / 6

My office needs lots of storage for all my papers, shipping materials and work bits. I love industrial looking storage, metal cabinets & drawers in particular, especially oversized ones. There are some great auctions near where I live & they often have old office / industrial furniture, I am going to keep an eye out for a few pieces.

Desk Styling

7 / 8

Desk styling – I love that this is a thing & I need to organise my desk so it looks more cool & less dumping ground. Some people have such a talent for this sort thing, I don’t but I am going to give it a go. I think a space needs to be functional but also inspire you to be creative and thats what I need from my office / workshop. I love the metal accents and want to incorporate those into my space.

Do you have a space you work from in your home, does it inspire you? 2015 is the year I’m going to make my space more creative & a space that I enjoy working in.