Origins Make a Difference Overnight Hydrating Repair Cream

Origins Make a DIfference Night Cream

Origins Make a DIfference Night Cream

Origins Make a Difference Overnight Cream

Origins Make a Difference Overnight Hydrating Repair Cream*

This is Origins latest addition to their already popular Make a Difference Collection. It has been developed to enhance the skin’s overnight repair function using ‘location technology’ to relocate moisture from the skin’s deepest layers, restoring lost moisture during sleep. I love products that work their magic whilst I’m sleeping.

This cream has been my Winter Skin Saviour. It feels cooling and lightweight on the skin and is a cream that you can use daily if you want to. I like to switch up my skincare quite a lot so I tend to use this 3 nights a week and I have seen a difference in my skin over the past 2 months. By morning my skin is looking fresh and after using it for a couple of months my skin is visibly plumper, brighter and smoother. This is an ultra-rich cream but it’s not greasy which after a minute or so has left my skin smooth and soft to the touch & the cream has been completely absorbed. I’m pretty smitten with it.

It includes these three key ingredients,

Rose of Jericho – Which is a desert plant that opens when moisture is present and closes up as if dead during short or long dry spells. It’s also known as a Resurrection plant because even when it dries out and lost 98% of its water content, it comes to life again when rehydrated by just a drop of water.

Watermelon – another key ingredient, can boost Filaggrin production (a pivotal role in skin barrier function), and this is a protein that promotes healthy skin’s barrier function and helps retain water.

Lychee extract – is added to keep healthy moisture balance and improve long-term hydration

So the plant extract & natural ingredients in this cream are centred around hydrating the skin but also repairing its natural function to repair and lock in moisture. So its perfect for parched skin.

Now the scent, that might be the one thing that might get you. It’s very botanical & quite strong, I like to use the Mega Mushroom range from Origins which has a very distinctive scent so that doesn’t phase me. If you’re not overly keen on heavily scented products you might want to visit a counter first & have a test of this first. Scent aside, it is a cream that will not only lock in moisture but also quench your skin and if you have dehydrated skin it will help repair the natural moisture deficiency. This is helping me combat central heating & the cold windy weather we’ve been having. Its my overnight hero.

Let me know what your favourite range is from Origins & if you have tried this Make a Difference Overnight Hydrating Repair Cream

Origins Make a Difference Overnight Hydrating Repair Cream £34.50 for 50ml

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