LP Skin Therapy

I think I’m very late to this party as I’d never heard of LP Skin Therapy before but after doing a little research I discovered that it is a very popular brand with an excellent skincare range. It was founded by Dr Linda Papadopoulos PhD a highly respected Psychologist with 14 years experience as a Research Scientist and as a practising Psychologist – she has done a lot of research on the links between mind and skin and the real effect our emotional state and life’s stresses have on our skin.

I have to say that this brand and their stance on mind and skin has really hit home to me. We’re aware that our diet affects our skin and health and the sun can often have a negative effect on how we age. But we sometimes overlook the emotional stress we’re under and the negative effects it can have. LP Skin Therapy headed up by Dr Linda Papasopoulos really looks into this emotional and psychological stress on your body its called Psycodermatology. ‘Psychodermatology takes a psychological approach to skin disorders, recognising the role emotional stress can play in triggering these conditions and tackling the distress they can cause.’

OK so on to the products I’ve been trying. I was sent 4 products. Uplifting Facial Water*, Refining Lip Exfoliator*, Untired Eye Cream* & Overnight Replenish Cream* – these are part of the 6 Piece LP Skin Therapy Anti-Ageing Discovery Collection. It’s a great way to try a few products from this brand without having to spend on Full Sized items and is a great introduction to LP Skin Therapy range. It would also make a fantastic Mother’s Day Gift.

LP Skin Therapy

I loved the Untired Eye Cream and have used it twice a day for almost 2 weeks. I’ve noticed my under eye area is looking so much brighter and my dark circles are getting less visible. This cream contains Alpha Glucose Hesperidin – this ingredient helps encourage circulation under the eye to diminish dark circles (its working).  My concealer applies so well over the top of this cream as it’s non-greasy and I find my concealer doesn’t slip off or break down. It seems to make a good base.

In the independent tests carried out on the Untired Eye Cream, 80% of volunteers had a positive reduction in Dark Circles and 90% said their under eye area appeared to be more hydrated. I have to agree with this 100%. When my sample runs out I will be buying the Full-Size one as its hands down the best eye cream I have tried.

LP Skin Therapy

The Uplifting Facial Water has been either in my handbag or on my desk since I received it. I’m a big fan of Facial Sprays and always use one. The LP Skin Therapy one smells of Orange Blossom it is very refreshing and uplifting. It contains Aloe Vera & Hibiscus Extract to help soothe and calm the skin, this is perfect for me as I suffer from a little rosacea, my skin can often need a spritz to calm it down and leave it feeling cool and refreshed. I like the handy 50ml size that you get in the Anti Aging Discovery Collection as it is a great size for travel. Are you a fan of facial mists/toners? This has been a welcomed addition to my skincare. It will be perfect for those warm summer days.

The Refining Lip Exfoliator is very hydrating for a lip scrub. I’ve only used the LUSH Bubblegum one and it’s very different. This one has jojoba oil in which really leaves your lips feeling smooth and very hydrated. It’s like a lip scrub and a lip balm in one. It is not abrasive nor does it strip your lips of moisture. It has so many lovely ingredients like ‘Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil, Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil, Volulip. Calming complex of Passionflower, St Johns Wort, Valerian, Verbena & Wild Yam’. It’s a handy product to have in your collection.

This lip exfoliator also has an added benefit, as it helps reduce fine lines around your lip and improve lip definition. I can often neglect that area and its good that this is like 2 benefits in one kind of product.

LP Skin Therapy

The last product is the Overnight Replenish Cream which I was reluctant to use as I’m a Bridesmaid at my best friends wedding this weekend and was worried that any major change in my skincare might break me out. I didn’t want to be a spotty Bridesmaid. I’m pleased to report that my skin has responded well to this cream and I found it lightweight especially for a night cream and I used it on top of my Hydralurion and so far I am liking the combination. Again like the Facial Water, this Overnight Cream helps to sooth the skin and minimise the signs of aging – at 35 I’m starting to see these signs and trying to keep them at bay!

I’m really pleased with the results I’ve seen from the Uplifting Eye Cream and I’ve enjoyed the Facial Water and the Lip Exfoliator. The Overnight Cream hasn’t won me over yet but there is still time. I would recommend trying something from this range if you haven’t already. Oh, & I have to say that I love the purple packaging.

* I was kindly sent these to try & the review is 100% my own.