Beautify Acrylic Makeup Storage Drawers

Beautify Acrylic Storage Drawers

Acrylic Makeup Storage

DOMU Acryli Makeup Drawers Storage

I’m already a fan of acrylic storage as a way of organising my makeup collection, so when DOMU contacted me to see if I wanted to test out a piece from their new Beautify Makeup Storage range, I was very excited. (DOMU are an online retailer offering a stylish and functional kitchen, garden and homeware). They offer some great organising and storage solutions, so if you’re like me & everything has to have a place you will love this department.

Beautify Acrylic Storage Drawers

After spending some time thinking about which option would be best for me, I eventually opted for the Clear Acrylic Medium 6 Tier Makeup Organiser* and I’m very, very happy with my choice. When it arrived I had a huge clear out and only put in these drawers products I 100% loved and used. I can see everything I have in one place, it feels tidy and ordered.

Acrylic Makeup Storage Drawers

The option I went with has 5 deep drawers plus an upper compartment with a hinged flip top lid. The drawers are deep enough that your foundation bottles fit in with room to spare, face powders/eyeshadows can be stored 2 deep. The drawers seem to go on forever.

Often with makeup drawers, they are not always deep enough and you end up not being able to fit in everything. These are very practical and the dimensions work well so you can store a variety of makeup products. I also like the flip top lid and have been using the top part to sore my current perfume and a few of my most used products.

I need to do some rejigging but let’s face it organising your makeup is an ongoing task. I am so happy with how many foundations I can fit into one drawer. These used to be too big to fit into a single drawer.

I have to mention that they arrived very well packaged, acrylic can often get damaged in transit but DOMU adds sturdy cardboard to reinforce the edges so they do not get cracked or scratched in transit. The quality of the drawers themselves is very good too, they feel sturdy, the acrylic is thick and well made. I would be gentle with the hinges on the lid as that’s the only part that could break.

6 Tier Acrylic Makeup Storage

So if you’re looking for affordable storage solutions then make sure you check out DOMU as they have a really good selection. Next on my list to organise is my jewellery collection and I am going to tackle that in the new year.

*PR Sample