Real Techniques PowderBleu Makeup Brushes

Real Techniques Powder Bleu Collection

Real Techniques Powder Bleu Collection

Real Techniques have really expanded their brush range over the past couple of years and they cater for all of your makeup brush needs (and wants). Everything from mini travel brushes & makeup sponges to more luxurious, pretty brushes. I’ve never tried a brush from Real Techniques that I didn’t like, their products are always fantastic quality and I love that they release limited edition and fun collections throughout the year. I’m a sucker for a limited collection.

I’ve been trying a selection of brushes from the recent Powderbleu Collection made with FauxBleu synthetic bristles which are meant to perform as well as the infamous Blue Squirrel haired brushes which were so prestigious within the makeup industry. All of the brushes are incredibly soft but I have to mention how nice the handles are. They are a blue ombre and I just love the blue hues in this collection, the colour looks incredibly luxurious and gives me those old Hollywood vibes. I think it is the mix of deep blue and gold touches. Very glamorous! The handles are long, quite slim and taper to a point which makes them very ergonomic to hold and use.

Beautiful Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

B01 Soft Powder Brush £22.00

This is a huge soft but dense powder brush that tapers at the top. It is like a much bigger version of the Soft Finishing brush. I like to use this to apply my finishing powder on top of my foundation. This picks up powder so well and is so light to sweep across my skin without disturbing my base. It feels so soft against my skin and my powder has such a flawless finish when I use this. It is a lovely brush to have in my collection and I’ve used it every time I’ve worn makeup for the past 5 weeks.

B02 Soft Finishing Brush £22.00

Out of the four brushes that I have been testing this is the only one that shed any bristles and I was a little annoyed because it continued to shed even after I had washed it. This brush is domed and dense in shape and is designed to blend + buff powder foundation onto skin for buildable, shine-free coverage but I haven’t been using it for this purpose. I have instead found it really good at applying powder blusher and bronzer, it picks up a good amount of product and places it nicely on my cheekbones. Because it is slightly tapered at the end it means you get a higher degree of accuracy when placing the product. I also use this brush to blend out the blush/bronzer so it looks subtle and seamless.

Powderbleu Makeup Brushes

B03 Soft Complexion Brush £22.00

This is a wonderful brush for applying powder foundation, I have really been getting into mineral foundations this past 18 months, and I’ve almost always applied them with a standard kabuki brush which works well. This Soft Complexion Brush has a smaller, denser head which makes buffing in the powder so much more effective. I also find having the long handle of a brush over the stubbiness of the kabuki brush easier to use and it’s easier to lightly apply my foundation and really buff it in giving me a soft focus finish.

B04 Soft Shadow Brush £15.00

The tapered, precision head of the Soft Shadow Brush makes it the perfect shape to layer and blend powder shadows for a naturally diffused look. It is incredibly soft and it blends out your eyeshadow with ease. I would say out of the four brushes I have tried from this collection this is one I have used the most. Not only for creating beautiful soft eye looks but also for applying touches of highlighter to the areas you only want to place a subtle glow, like down the nose, brow bone and cupids bow. It is a lovely multi-use brush and I always say you can never have too many blending brushes in your collection, they always see so much use.

All brushes in this PowderBleu Collection are

  • Synthetic  FauxBleu™ Technology Bristles
  • Easy Clean
  • Long Lasting

I received the PowderBleu Brushes complimentary from Influenster for review purposes. All opinions are my own and completely honest.

ZOEVA Rose Golden Vol. 2 Makeup Brushes

New Zoeva Rose Golden Brushes

Zoeve Rose Golden Makeup Brushes

So a little while ago ZOEVA released their gorgeous Rose Golden Vol. 2 Brush Set & I’m excited to let you know that they’ve extended the collection by 30 single brushes. So you can now purchase these beautiful powder nude & rose golden design brushes individually & build up a substantial brush collection of your own.

ZOEVA is a brand that’s become so popular with both makeup addicts & MUA’s over the past couple of years, I have tried their makeup (which I love) but never their brushes. I only ever hear positive reviews of their collections and people saying they deliver on quality and design so to say I was excited to try out 3 brushes from the Rose Golden Vol. 2 Collection was an understatement and the brushes did not disappoint.

New Zoeva Rose Golden Brushes

ZOEVA 125 Stippling Brush Rose Golden Vol. 2 Edition

This is a duo fibre brush & its quite dense but so very soft. I like to use it to apply both my foundation and cream blush. Its great for both. For foundation its fab at making a little product go a long way – you just keep buffing away & it gives such a even flawless finish.

ZOEVA 227 Luxe Soft Definer Brush Rose Golden Vol. 2 Edition* 

This brush is the perfect size and shape for blending out your eyeshadow, its great for getting into the crease and creating that seamless transition between shades. Its so soft the bristles are quite long, its the perfect crease brush. It keeps it shape after washing and the bristles stay soft. I do wish this was Vegan though.

ZOEVA 232 Luxe Classic Shader Rose Golden Vol. 2 Edition* 

I use this brush to pack my colour on the lid, its a dense flat brush so its perfect for that. Again is very soft and picks up a good amount of product. I have used this brush a lot because I tend to wear one colour on the lid most days & this brush is good for applying one colour all over the lid. This brush is a natural-synthetic hair mix

Beautiful ZOEVA Makeup Brushes

ZOEVA Brushes are affordable & compared to brushes of similar quality like Mac & Bobbi Brown they are a lot more affordable. These are the nicest brushes I have tried and over the years I’ve tried brushes from so many brands. I’m looking forward to buying a few more for my collection. The only negative thing I have to say about them is that not all ZOEVA brushes are Vegan which is a shame.

New ZOEVA Makeup Brushes

These brushes are so beautiful to use. They look stunning and everything has been so well thought out. Everything from the soft nude pink handles to the rose gold detailing give these brushes a really luxurious feel and finish. They are super elegant but most importantly they are incredibly good quality makeup brushes, they don’t shed, they are easy to clean, the bristles are so very soft and they keep their shape.

ZOEVA have added 30 single brushes to this gorgeous Rose Golden Vol.2 Collection so thats quite a few to pick from.

*PR Sample