5 From The Body Shop

The Body Shop Favourites

The Body Shop Favourites

I haven’t done a post in my Five From Series for a while now, so I thought I would get back into them and share Five From The Body Shop. This was so hard to narrow down because as a brand I love so many of their products and they continue to release wonderful products. If you have any recomendations of products I need to try from The Body Shop then leave me a comment.

The Body Shop All In One Insta Blur

I love products that give my skin that soft focus flawless finish & this Insta Blur does a pretty good job at doing that. Its has a thick gel like consistency and its easy to smooth over the skin. Its clear but it blurs imperfections redness and makes fine lines look less visible.  I tend to only use it on my cheeks, where I have quite large pores and it does a great job at blurring them out and mattifying my skin. This is also very good at controlling oil and shine so it works well under makeup and helps it last longer without going greasy.

Born Lippy Lipbalm

You can’t beat a fruity scented lipbalm from The Body Shop. These are such a classic product and I have been buying them for more years than I care to admit. They always smell so good, I think I have tried every flavour. They’re easy to have in your handbag to keep your lips feeling hydrated & they add a slight sheer wash of colour but that doesn’t stick around too long, but the glossy finish does.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil

I have used the Vitamin E range for many years and still go back to it, especially when my skin is irritated and quite dry. I find its a range that is gentle and never breaks me out. I spoke about this in a recent post, I have a lot of love for this serum / oil. Its an overnight treatment that gives your skin a boost of hydration and nourishes dull skin. Its a serum blended with a combination of oils including sunflower, jojoba, marula, soya, and sesame and it also has wheatgerm oil which is high in antioxidants. I only use a couple of drops, which is plenty & I like to use it when my skin is looking dull and feels dryer than normal. Its great at hydrating and reviving my skin and making it look like its well rested and radiant. Its just such a lovely product to have in your skincare routine.

The Body Shop Makeup Brushes

I have quite a few brushes from The Body Shop and although they’re not the most affordable on the high street they’re very good quality, cruelty free and last me years. This actually a foundation brush but I’ve found it works well at applying face masks, no mess and I get an even coverage. I also like the kabuki brush to apply loose powder. I get no shedding with these brushes and they wash up lovely.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer*

The whole Vitamin C range is a favourite of mine, the face mist, moisturiser and this Instant Glow Enhancer in particular. They all pep up my skin and make it look refreshed and radiant. It has a lovely flattering peachy tint to it, you see instant results with this product. It really helps combat the signs of fatigue, I apply this mostly to the centre of my face, focusing on my forehead, nose & chin as this is great at blurring pores and fine lines making my skin look smooth as well as giving it a slight peachy glow. I use it when my skin looks like it needs a little waking up, or at the weekend when I want to wear minimum makeup. My tube has lasted me almost a year and I still have a good amount of product left. So it is well worth picking up.

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ZOEVA Rose Golden Vol. 2 Makeup Brushes

New Zoeva Rose Golden Brushes

Zoeve Rose Golden Makeup Brushes

So a little while ago ZOEVA released their gorgeous Rose Golden Vol. 2 Brush Set & I’m excited to let you know that they’ve extended the collection by 30 single brushes. So you can now purchase these beautiful powder nude & rose golden design brushes individually & build up a substantial brush collection of your own.

ZOEVA is a brand that’s become so popular with both makeup addicts & MUA’s over the past couple of years, I have tried their makeup (which I love) but never their brushes. I only ever hear positive reviews of their collections and people saying they deliver on quality and design so to say I was excited to try out 3 brushes from the Rose Golden Vol. 2 Collection was an understatement and the brushes did not disappoint.

New Zoeva Rose Golden Brushes

ZOEVA 125 Stippling Brush Rose Golden Vol. 2 Edition

This is a duo fibre brush & its quite dense but so very soft. I like to use it to apply both my foundation and cream blush. Its great for both. For foundation its fab at making a little product go a long way – you just keep buffing away & it gives such a even flawless finish.

ZOEVA 227 Luxe Soft Definer Brush Rose Golden Vol. 2 Edition* 

This brush is the perfect size and shape for blending out your eyeshadow, its great for getting into the crease and creating that seamless transition between shades. Its so soft the bristles are quite long, its the perfect crease brush. It keeps it shape after washing and the bristles stay soft. I do wish this was Vegan though.

ZOEVA 232 Luxe Classic Shader Rose Golden Vol. 2 Edition* 

I use this brush to pack my colour on the lid, its a dense flat brush so its perfect for that. Again is very soft and picks up a good amount of product. I have used this brush a lot because I tend to wear one colour on the lid most days & this brush is good for applying one colour all over the lid. This brush is a natural-synthetic hair mix

Beautiful ZOEVA Makeup Brushes

ZOEVA Brushes are affordable & compared to brushes of similar quality like Mac & Bobbi Brown they are a lot more affordable. These are the nicest brushes I have tried and over the years I’ve tried brushes from so many brands. I’m looking forward to buying a few more for my collection. The only negative thing I have to say about them is that not all ZOEVA brushes are Vegan which is a shame.

New ZOEVA Makeup Brushes

These brushes are so beautiful to use. They look stunning and everything has been so well thought out. Everything from the soft nude pink handles to the rose gold detailing give these brushes a really luxurious feel and finish. They are super elegant but most importantly they are incredibly good quality makeup brushes, they don’t shed, they are easy to clean, the bristles are so very soft and they keep their shape.

ZOEVA have added 30 single brushes to this gorgeous Rose Golden Vol.2 Collection so thats quite a few to pick from.

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