Five Under £5 July 2016

July 2016 Five Under £5

Five Under £5 July 2016

I can’t quite believe I am doing my July edition of Five Under £5, where has the last month gone? If you want to get involved and link up your monthly 5 Under £5 finds then head over to Julia’s blog at Rainbeaubelle

This month I have a real mix of all my favourite things, food, products, stationery & a little LUSH treat!

July 2016 Five Under £5

WASHI Tape £1

I know, I have featured Washi tape in a few previous posts, but I usually buy them from eBay and I was thrilled when I came upon these in Poundland. You get 3 rolls of tape in each pack and I stocked up! I bought all options they had & I think they had about 10 different packs to pick from. These two were amongst my favourites. I love the bright more Summery trio and the gold & silver ones too. I use these for all sorts of things and I like to have a stash of fun options.

Washi Tape Selecton

Hotel Chocolate Orange 70% £3.50

So I do have a sweet tooth but since going Vegan a few years ago I now crave dark chocolate so I do like to treat myself to a few bars from Hotel Chocolate every now & then. This one is 70% cocoa and has a subtle zest orange taste, I love to have a piece of this with a cup of tea in the afternoon. Its such a delicious treat. These bars are not the cheapest but each pack contains two bars & they last me a while. I did buy a mint chocolate one too but that one was devoured first.

Hotel Chocolate Orange

Yankee Candle Melts 50p

I used to burn a lot of candles but I found the more affordable ones let off so much black soot which worried me slightly. I was also running out of crafty things to do with all the glass jars so my Mum suggested I get some of these Melts. They’re so inexpensive, I use one every couple of weeks before the scent starts to fade. Yankee have a huge selection of scents & each season they bring out limited edition ones too. The Sage & White Tea one smells so fresh & the Peach Smoothie one is the definition of Summer. Oh & I found these ones in Home Bargain for 50p each!

Aussie Festival Fresh Dry Shampoo £2.99

I am a dry shampoo fiend, I use is all the time but still haven’t found one I absolutely love. The CoLab one is a contender but I saw this Aussie one on sale in Superdrug & thought I would give it a go. It smells nice & as far as dry shampoo goes it doesn’t leave that much of a gray / white cast to my hair. I wouldn’t say its amazing but its a lot better than the Herbal Essence one and on par with Batiste. If you have any dry shampoo recomendations I would love to hear them!

Yankee Candle Melts

LUSH Honey Bee Bath Bomb £3.50

I very rarely go into LUSH these days, only for the fact I spend a fortune when I do. I have zero self control. On this occasion I only allowed myself to buy one thing & that had to be something I hadn’t tried before. I succeeded and left with the Honey Bee Bath Bomb, this smells so good and a little citrusy. I haven’t used it yet but I can’t wait – LUSH say,

A good soak in a Honey Bee bath will soothe and cleanse the skin thanks to its wonder trio of honey, aloe vera, and rhassoul mud.

So there you have it, my July Five Under £5 – if you’d like to see my previous months just click here. Let me know if you take part or leave mea comment to tell me what bargains you have picked up this month.

5 From The Body Shop

The Body Shop Favourites

The Body Shop Favourites

I haven’t done a post in my Five From Series for a while now, so I thought I would get back into them and share Five From The Body Shop. This was so hard to narrow down because as a brand I love so many of their products and they continue to release wonderful products. If you have any recomendations of products I need to try from The Body Shop then leave me a comment.

The Body Shop All In One Insta Blur

I love products that give my skin that soft focus flawless finish & this Insta Blur does a pretty good job at doing that. Its has a thick gel like consistency and its easy to smooth over the skin. Its clear but it blurs imperfections redness and makes fine lines look less visible.  I tend to only use it on my cheeks, where I have quite large pores and it does a great job at blurring them out and mattifying my skin. This is also very good at controlling oil and shine so it works well under makeup and helps it last longer without going greasy.

Born Lippy Lipbalm

You can’t beat a fruity scented lipbalm from The Body Shop. These are such a classic product and I have been buying them for more years than I care to admit. They always smell so good, I think I have tried every flavour. They’re easy to have in your handbag to keep your lips feeling hydrated & they add a slight sheer wash of colour but that doesn’t stick around too long, but the glossy finish does.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil

I have used the Vitamin E range for many years and still go back to it, especially when my skin is irritated and quite dry. I find its a range that is gentle and never breaks me out. I spoke about this in a recent post, I have a lot of love for this serum / oil. Its an overnight treatment that gives your skin a boost of hydration and nourishes dull skin. Its a serum blended with a combination of oils including sunflower, jojoba, marula, soya, and sesame and it also has wheatgerm oil which is high in antioxidants. I only use a couple of drops, which is plenty & I like to use it when my skin is looking dull and feels dryer than normal. Its great at hydrating and reviving my skin and making it look like its well rested and radiant. Its just such a lovely product to have in your skincare routine.

The Body Shop Makeup Brushes

I have quite a few brushes from The Body Shop and although they’re not the most affordable on the high street they’re very good quality, cruelty free and last me years. This actually a foundation brush but I’ve found it works well at applying face masks, no mess and I get an even coverage. I also like the kabuki brush to apply loose powder. I get no shedding with these brushes and they wash up lovely.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer*

The whole Vitamin C range is a favourite of mine, the face mist, moisturiser and this Instant Glow Enhancer in particular. They all pep up my skin and make it look refreshed and radiant. It has a lovely flattering peachy tint to it, you see instant results with this product. It really helps combat the signs of fatigue, I apply this mostly to the centre of my face, focusing on my forehead, nose & chin as this is great at blurring pores and fine lines making my skin look smooth as well as giving it a slight peachy glow. I use it when my skin looks like it needs a little waking up, or at the weekend when I want to wear minimum makeup. My tube has lasted me almost a year and I still have a good amount of product left. So it is well worth picking up.

PR Sample

Products For Getting That Glow

Glow Getting Products

Products For Radiant Skin

REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial

This comes out a really vibrant green shade which is cool and odd in equal measure! The product itself is so good and I have been through a few tubes of this over the past 2 years. Its amazing if you are pushed for time and want your skin to look fresh and bright as you only need to leave it on for 1 minute (so fast). You massage a small amount of warm water to activate the Vitamin C and let it get to work brightening your complexion. You leave the product on your skin for 1 minute then you rinse with warm water and that’s when the tiny exfoliating beads get to work by buffing and removing dead skin and help fight the signs of fatigue, boost skins radiance levels and reduce imperfections.

Soap & Glory Wonderbronze

This is a very pretty bronzing highlighter, it’s a great way of giving your skin that sun-kissed look without having been in the sunshine. I just swirl my brush round all the colours and apply it with my duo fibre brush, using this type of brush I find I don’t pick up too much product on my brush. I am all about a subtle glow. I really like Soap & Glory face powders and I also like the Solar Powder too for days I want an even more low-key look but still a nice subtle glow.

Liz Earle Eye Bright Soothing Eye Lotion

This is such a lovely part of my morning skincare routine, it’s so soothing and cooling. I keep it in the fridge so its nice and cold, I put a little liquid on each cotton pad then I hold them on my tired eyes for about a minute and it feels amazing. It contains naturally active ingredients including eyebright, witch hazel, aloe vera and cornflower to help tone, cool and refresh tired, puffy eyes. Nothing feels more soothing in the morning & I apply this whilst I’m waiting on the kettle to boil every morning. Does that count as multi tasking?!

Favourite Radiant Skincare Products

Glow Getting Products

Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes in Bountiful Beige

This is quite a new discovery for me but I like how bright and pretty this cream shadow is. It’s a champagne colour and helps make your eyes look bright and awake. It’s a really nice everyday colour and I have been wearing it alone all over the lid. These apply really smoothly and are easy to blend, they contain vitamin E for soothing and smoothing the delicate eye area. So it’s an eyeshadow with a little extra skincare benefit too.

Elemental Herbology Facial Glow Radiance Peel

This mask came in a beauty box a while ago and I rediscovered it when I moved house last year and Its become my go to mask this Winter. The Facial Glow peel contains natural actives derived from apples, papayas, and orange peels to gently exfoliate dead skin cells; there’s also Kombuchka and Lumiskin to help refine the skin and boost radiance. It’s a great product for getting rid of dead skin leaving your face looking bright and glowing. I only have a small travel size but I will be purchasing the larger tub because I can’t be without this in my routine.

  • Apply peel to clean, damp skin from neck to forehead. Do not scrub.
  • Leave for 4 minutes.
  • Remove with a face cloth soaked in warm water.

Estée Lauder Even Skintone Illuminator

I have been mixing this with my foundation to give my skin that extra radiance. It’s not glittery or shimmery it just reflects the light and adds a luminous glow to your skin & mixed in with my foundation it looks natural and really healthy. Its oil free so it’s not going to make your skin look greasy its a really great product for brightening tried looking skin and I have been using it daily over the Winter months.

What are your favourite products for achieving that fresh-faced glow?