5 From The Body Shop

The Body Shop Favourites

The Body Shop Favourites

I haven’t done a post in my Five From Series for a while now, so I thought I would get back into them and share Five From The Body Shop. This was so hard to narrow down because as a brand I love so many of their products and they continue to release wonderful products. If you have any recomendations of products I need to try from The Body Shop then leave me a comment.

The Body Shop All In One Insta Blur

I love products that give my skin that soft focus flawless finish & this Insta Blur does a pretty good job at doing that. Its has a thick gel like consistency and its easy to smooth over the skin. Its clear but it blurs imperfections redness and makes fine lines look less visible.  I tend to only use it on my cheeks, where I have quite large pores and it does a great job at blurring them out and mattifying my skin. This is also very good at controlling oil and shine so it works well under makeup and helps it last longer without going greasy.

Born Lippy Lipbalm

You can’t beat a fruity scented lipbalm from The Body Shop. These are such a classic product and I have been buying them for more years than I care to admit. They always smell so good, I think I have tried every flavour. They’re easy to have in your handbag to keep your lips feeling hydrated & they add a slight sheer wash of colour but that doesn’t stick around too long, but the glossy finish does.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil

I have used the Vitamin E range for many years and still go back to it, especially when my skin is irritated and quite dry. I find its a range that is gentle and never breaks me out. I spoke about this in a recent post, I have a lot of love for this serum / oil. Its an overnight treatment that gives your skin a boost of hydration and nourishes dull skin. Its a serum blended with a combination of oils including sunflower, jojoba, marula, soya, and sesame and it also has wheatgerm oil which is high in antioxidants. I only use a couple of drops, which is plenty & I like to use it when my skin is looking dull and feels dryer than normal. Its great at hydrating and reviving my skin and making it look like its well rested and radiant. Its just such a lovely product to have in your skincare routine.

The Body Shop Makeup Brushes

I have quite a few brushes from The Body Shop and although they’re not the most affordable on the high street they’re very good quality, cruelty free and last me years. This actually a foundation brush but I’ve found it works well at applying face masks, no mess and I get an even coverage. I also like the kabuki brush to apply loose powder. I get no shedding with these brushes and they wash up lovely.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer*

The whole Vitamin C range is a favourite of mine, the face mist, moisturiser and this Instant Glow Enhancer in particular. They all pep up my skin and make it look refreshed and radiant. It has a lovely flattering peachy tint to it, you see instant results with this product. It really helps combat the signs of fatigue, I apply this mostly to the centre of my face, focusing on my forehead, nose & chin as this is great at blurring pores and fine lines making my skin look smooth as well as giving it a slight peachy glow. I use it when my skin looks like it needs a little waking up, or at the weekend when I want to wear minimum makeup. My tube has lasted me almost a year and I still have a good amount of product left. So it is well worth picking up.

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Four Affordable Skincare Favourites

Five Affordable Skincare Favourites

We all love a bargain, right!? So I thought I would share 4 of my favourite affordable skincare products.

Garnier Micellar Water All-in-1 Waterproof Makeup Remover & Cleanser

Micellar waters are great if you wear quite heavy eye makeup and like to remove the bulk of it before you cleanse. I have found the Garnier ones to be the best I have tried, they now do a few versions for different skin types but I think they’re all pretty much alike. This one in the blue bottle is for removing waterproof makeup & I have to say its pretty damn good. You don’t have to tug or rub at your eyes, just hold the cotton pad on your eye for about a minute and gently wipe the makeup away. Its also very good at removing lip stains & matte lip products. This new Garnier skinactive version is a bi phase formula so you need to make sure you shake it up first. You get a lot of product for your money and a bottle lasts me a couple of months. This is fragrance free and contains no alcohol.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil

I simply love this product, its like liquid silk. Its a serum blended with a combination of oils including sunflower, jojoba, marula, soya, and sesame and it also has wheatgerm oil which is high in antioxidants. I use a couple of drops in my evening skincare routine when my skin is looking dull and dryer than normal. I massage a few drops on to clean skin and let it work its magic whilst I sleep. Its great at hydrating and reviving my skin and making it look like its well rested and radiant. This is so affordable and a lovely product to have in your skincare routine. I love the Vitamin E range but this is by far my favourite product from the range.

Lacura Anti Ageing Handcream With Argan Oil 

Lacura is Aldi’s skincare brand so all their products are affordable, I like quite a few of their products but have been using this a tonne over the past few weeks. I am not 100% keen on the scent of this hand cream but I like how non greasy it is. I use hand cream so often throughout the day I just can’t deal when it leaves my hands feeling tacky or greasy so its important I have one that instantly absorbs and lets me get on with what I am doing without having to wait for it to dry down. This Lacura one from Aldi does just that and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft.

Soap & Glory Face Soap & Clarity 3-in-1 Daily Facial Wash

This face wash has a gel like consistency and lots of tiny soft scrub beads which are great for lightly exfoliating your skin. They’re not at all abrasive or scratchy. I like that it feels cooling on my skin and is lovely to massage in and really give your skin a thorough cleanse leaving it looking radiant. I rinse this off with a hot cloth and its great at removing makeup without leaving my skin feeling tight or dry. It smells so good too, really uplifting and fresh. I have a huge bottle of it too which has lasted me so long & I’m only about half way through it.

Let me know what your favourite affordable skincare products are.