A Day in St Ives Cornwall

St Ives Harbour

St Ives Harbour

St Ives Green Grocer

St Ives Bakery

Cute Nautical Themed Shops

Lovely Cafe in St Ives

Flower Shop in St Ives

Lighthouse in St Ives Harbour

Cobbled Streets St Ives Cornwall

View Over St Ives Bay

The Rum and Crab Pub St Ives

Sea View St Ives Cornwall

Golden Sandy Beaches in St Ives Cornwall

The Mermaid Seafood Restaraunt St Ives

St Ives is only one hour from where we live in Cornwall and although we visited a little over 5 years ago we haven’t been back since, so we thought it was about time we paid it another visit.

I don’t think I can describe just how beautiful this Cornish coastal town is, it feels slightly magical and so laid back. The sea is an incredible colour and it looks more tropical than Cornish, St Ives is also home to some of the most beautiful golden sandy beaches I have ever seen.

We spent the day walking all through the narrow cobbled back streets which are lined with traditional white fishermen’s cottages & I love it when they have pretty coloured front doors & window frames. The weather was bright and warm the day we went which meant we could took our time wandering the lanes and also sitting on the harbour wall watching people swimming and the fishermen landing their catch of the day.

You are quite spoilt for choice for cafes & restaurants and if you just venture off the main streets a little you will find so many sweet places to stop for tea & cake. There is even a Vegan chocolate shop! If you get the chance I highly recommend making the trip to St Ives, its friendly, beautiful and when the sun is out it feels like you’re in the South of France not England.

St Ives Body Scrub

St Ives Apricot Body Scrub

Ok so lets cut to the chase – I love a good body scrub & have used a fair few over the years. I have been happy with many of them but this purple pot has become my NUMBER 1! It’s my new favourite scrub.

I picked it up in Superdrug the other week, it was half price so I only paid £2.49 — that’s a bargain in my book. I’ve tried a St Ives face scrub before and didn’t really like that. I know some people love it but I wasn’t a fan. But this I’m a HUGE fan off.

This is packed full of pink exfoliating beads & a good amount too. So you get really smooth skin after. Some exfoliators I find don’t have enough beads in & so don’t leave my skin as smooth. It also is a lovely creamy texture which feels like its moisturising too. It smells lovely and fresh – not sweet but really creamy and clean (excuse my crappy explanation). So you get exfoliated & hydrated at the same time. Thats perfect for me.

This is a milder formula aimed at sensitive skin – I haven’t used the original formula so can’t say how this new differs. Other than it must be slightly more gentle being aimed at sensitive skin. I can say that this doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or red. You don’t need to rub hard to get great results. I’m thrilled with this. I know it’s only a scrub but I’m very happy with it.