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In June I am going to San Fransisco (so EXCITED!) for a well needed holiday and I’ve been thinking about what skincare / beauty items I want to take with me. I know it’s a wee while away yet but I like to be organised. Whilst in Space.N.K I noticed a Caudalie set with sample sized products and thought that would be perfect. I also picked up a small bottle of their Laughter perfume which is one of my all time favourites. Whenever I wear it I get lots of compliments, it smells so nice.

Caudalie Travel Set

In the Caudalie Must Have Set you get 5 products for £20. (Feel Unique have it for £18). I’ve tried the Caudalie Beauty Elixir before and liked it so thought the small bottle would be great not only for the long ass flight but also whilst I am there as SF can be quite hot and it will be nice to spray this on my face to cool down. You get a 30ml bottle.

Also in the set are a few things that I’ve wanted to try for a while like the Divine Oil, which can be used on your face / hair / body I’ve heard some great reviews of this and very excited to use it. I think I will mostly use it on my body. It smells amazing and luxurious too. You get a 15ml bottle.

The Lip Conditioner is the item in the set I’m least excited for. Only because I have a million lipbalms yet to be used. I’m sure this is a nice one and I will take it away with me but I’m not as excited about it. The hand and nail cream I’ve already started using and so far I like it. It feels very hydrating and non greasy. So far so good. You get a 30ml tube.

Caualie Skincare

The makeup remover is such a cute size and perfect to take with me. I wont need any more than this bottle whilst I’m away as I don’t wear too much eye makeup on a daily basis, other than a little mascara. I am interested to see how this measures up to the Garnier one I usually use. You get a 50ml bottle.

So I may be a little too excited about this little travel skincare kit but I have a thing for products in miniature as they look so cute and these are no exception. Oh & the bag they come in is great too & that will get alot of use I ‘m sure.

The other thing I bought as I mentioned is the Space.N.K Laughter perfumer. I have been wearing this on & off for over 7 years. I love it so much. When I haven’t worn it for a while and pop in to Space.N.K I smell it & have to buy it as it’s such a familiar scent that brings back some very happy memories. I am happy I have a small bottle to take with me to San Fransisco as it’s a perfect summer scent. It is one of the perfumes that seems to last the longest on me. I can still smell it hours after I have sprayed it.

Laughter Perfume

What is your summer perfume? Do you have something that you always go back to or dig out at this time of year? Also let me know if you have tried any of the Caudalie products and what you thought of them.

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    1. It was great value for money, I cant wait to use it whilst I am on holiday. I am trying to keep it until then

  1. What a lovely set and great value too.
    Never smelled that fragrant… Will have to have a sniff next time I’m in the shop.

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