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I love my Bath & Body Works Pocket Bac’s, they’re a fun & fragrant way of keeping your hands clean on the go. I always have one (OK at least 2) in my handbag, they’re small and perfect for popping in your car, bag or having on your desk at work. I’ve a few stocked up & whenever anyone I know visits America I get them to pick me up a few. They’re normally on offer 5 for $5, bargain!

My favourite ones are their Vanilla scents. I like how sweet they smell, their Christmas Sugared Vanilla Wish is amazing! I wish these were easier to get hold of. I have seen a few eBay sellers with them available. Let me know if you have tried these Pocket Bac’s & which scents are your favourite.

Here are a few eBay seller’s I have found 1, 2, 3 I am VERY tempted to order some.

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    1. I never used to be a big fan of it, but as I get older these Vanilla scents really appeal to me. I am going to order a few more. Not that I need them

  1. I’ve tried one of these in Cherry Blossom, I wasn’t keen on it at all but no doubt I’ll get some similar products in Bath and Body works when i go to the US in May!

    Jade x

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